Project Bandcamp

Project Bandcamp is an intensive educational training and production course designed to emulate the process of creating, promoting and releasing a music single.

Learners will engage in the process of idea generation, music creation and music promotion during the course before releasing the created music via a live launch event and on

The programme initially ran from 2011 – 2012, with different groups and individuals engaging and participating in the experience allowing for the creation of 6 separate music products to be created which are available for download on Soundcloud..

“Well folks, after an amazing year the first round of Project Bandcamp has come to an end!

After engaging exceptionally talented disadvantaged individuals in the creative process of music creation, production and promotion and enabling the various groups, duos and soloists to progress and develop themselves and their creative flair, the project has come to an end.

I can say it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in assisting and enabling those students who engaged and participated in the project to unlock and realise their creative and musical potential.

Project Bandcamp, in total, produced 6 separate musical works including 4 original works and 2 cover versions. Those who participated had little or no prior experience in creativity, music or entrepreneurship and worked with limited resources, a budget of zero and had a total time of 24 hours (3 hours a day over 8 days!) to complete their project…!

Remember that all the tracks can be downloaded for no cost at Soundcloud!

Just click on the download button on the players below!
I was told it couldn’t be done, it was impossible and unachievable!

Thanks to everyone who took part, those who attended the launch events and those who supported and enabled the programme to be an amazing success.“
– John McBlain, February 16th 2012

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