Throwback Thursday: Part 7

Seven weeks this lil’ Throwback Thursday DJ set series has been going on and there’s plenty more to come!
This week we have another wee dip into the I Think I Like It series! With a set list that should never ever go together, but kinda, totally does, I Think I Like It Vol.3 is a random mix of pop, rock, power ballads, hip hop, house, electronic and the Spice Girls!

A relatively short set from 2012, I Think I Like It Vol.3 features Linkin Park – By_Myslf, Lady Gaga – Starstruck, Spice Girls – Move Over, Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, a Jay Robinson remix of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode, Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover, Tiesto and Axwell – Diamond Found and MOPP – Dream About You.


Hit play! Turn it up! Enjoy!

Dick Pig / N / Flatline

Throwback Thursday: Part 6

And on to week six of this lil Throwback Thursday DJ set series!
We’re into the archives of the I Think I Like It series from 2012 and this week we have my personal favourite of all my DJ sets, I Think I Like It Vol.2!

I Think I Like It Volume 2 is a relatively short DJ set running at just under 22 minutes featuring 10 tracks. If you’re taste in music lies in the realms of big beat, drum and bass and rave inspired electronica then I’d love you to give it a listen and let me know what you think!

It begins with a mashup that I made of Touch & Go’s 1998 big beat, ridiculously addictive trumpet solo heavy track Would You and the excellent Benny Page remix of Jessie J’s Price Tag from 2011. These two tracks probably shouldn’t work together, but they really do!

The mix continues with the frantic tech sound with Danny Byrd and Netsky’s early rave inspired Tonight before making a smooth transition into the chilled and almost majestic Spectral Soul remix of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. The combination of house piano chords and deep sub-bass really sounds quite sublime.

Just as you’re getting comfortable with some deep house, a tribal and voodoo like percussion riff begins, introducing Takura Tendayi’s sinister vocals on the manic No Problem from Chase & Status before subtly moving into the Dominator Synth heavy sound of Danny Byrd & Tomahawk’s Hot Fuzz, paving the way for Byrd’s phenomenal reinterpretation of Liquid’s piano / breakbeat classic Sweet Harmony.

Following the rave heavy sounds of Chase & Status, Danny Byrd, Tomahawk and Liquid comes the liquid funk sound of Paperchase and Beautiful from Brookes Brothers that intertwine seamlessly into each other, before concluding the set with the stunning First Note Is Silent– a high energy drum & bass meets techno meets trance collaboration from the ever amazing High Contrast, Tiesto and Underworld.

Turn it up! Hit play! Rave on!



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The third single from John McBlain!

It’s a lil’ bit gothic…
It’s a lil’ bit electronic…
It’s a lil’ bit dramatic…

And it’s released Friday 13th April 2018!
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Throwback Thursday: Part 5

And on to Week 5 of my Throwback Thursday and it’s a good one!
My good, dear friend, Miss Emma Strummer, always cites this set as her personal favourite, and I must agree that I think I like it too!

Recorded as a live set way back wherever, whenever, I Think I Like It Vol. 1 is a sleek and sleazy mish-mash of electro, disco, house, bassline, pop, trumpets, a lil’ sexy All Saints cover version, a solo Girl Aloud, Cher FUCKIN Lloyd and oooooh baby… i feel like… the music sound better with yooooooou… this set is pretty damn special!

A legendary 3am house party set that reeks of Liquid Gold, I Think I Like It Vol.1 features I Blame Coco – The Constant, Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge, The 2 Bears – Bear Hug, Major Lazer – Pon De Floor, All Saints – Lady Marmalade, Rob D’Riche – Swing Your Thing, Ray Foxx – The Trumpeter, Cher Lloyd – Swagger Jagger, Vato Gonzales – Badman Riddim, Nicola Roberts – Beat of My Drum, Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You & Fake Blood – I Think I Like It!

Dedicated to Emma Strummer, here it is in all it’s glory!
Turn it up! Dance to the beat of that drum! Swagger that Jagger!
I Think I Like It!
I’m sure you will too!


My little DICK PIG is one month old today!

To have a listen, download it or add it to a playlist, just click on the artwork above or the gif below to be taken to your favourite music store!

Throwback Thursday: Part 4

We’re now on to Part 4 of my lil’ Throwback Thursday DJ set series!
This week sees the rather oddly titled ‘Let The WUB Cannon Kick It!’ rear it’s wubby little head from way back when dubstep and that oh so familiar wubwubwub bass was the in thing!

Originally dedicated to Miss Katie McGillivray and Miss Emma Strummer when it was uploaded 6 years ago in 2012, this is still one of my favourite mixes of my own! I still love that dark, poppy dubstep thing mixed with electro, techno and a hint of rave that had such a big influence over all of my live sets!

The short mix is an assault on the ears featuring Tina Turner – It Would Be A Crime, Katy Perry – E.T., Dead Prez – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop, Rusko – Every Day, Deadmau5 – One Trick Pony, Joker – The Vision, DJ Fresh – Louder (Herve Remix), Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know, Steps – 5678, Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon and Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All.

The DJ Fresh – Louder / Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know mash up would later go on to be released as a Mashup and is probably still out there on some far corner of this internet! And yeah… I still dunno what was going on with the Steps / Flux Pavillion thing: some things are best left unexplained!

Anyways! On to the mix!
Have a listen below and don’t forget to gimme a shout and a share!
Til’ next time, here’s THE WUB CANNON!

Flatline: Released 13.04.18

Following on from DICK PIG and N comes my 3rd single: FLATLINE!
Released on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, HMV and all other streaming and download sites on
Friday 13th April 2018!

Throwback Thursday: Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my Throwback Thursday series of posts where I delve into the archives of my old DJ sets! Following on from Volume 1 and Volume 2, The Random Selection Vol.3 is the final set in this trio of mixes from way back in 2012!
 A mini mix of pop lasting 27 minutes and 45 seconds, The Random Selection Vol. 3 features  Tina Turner – Love Thing, Backstreet Boys – Everybody, Cee Lo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City, Lady Gaga – Lovegame, Dev – Bass Down Low, Britney Spears – I Wanna Go, Tiesto feat.Diplo – C’Mon, Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me and Chris Brown – Yeah 3x!

Fancy a listen? Just hit the play button below!
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