Shower Scene
This artwork is based on my favourite film of all time!
Psycho Titles

Shower Scene

If you’re not familiar with this masterpiece, then shame on you!
I wrote a spoiler heavy fanblog about the film a while ago and if you click on the picture of Hitch’s face below, the magic of the internet will take you to that very blog!

hitchcock psycho

I vaguely remember seeing a series of abstract artworks based on classic film posters a long time ago and decided I’d give it a go myself using a blank canvas, masking tape, a piece of card and some black, rich red and china clay coloured acrylics that I had lying around the house.

Shower Scene 1
Measuring out the distance between each stripe and applying masking tape was a bit of a pain,but it worked out!

Shower Scene 2
Red paint! Easy.

Shower Scene 3
Colouring three of the stripes red was ok.

Shower Scene 4
Painting the black stripes and removing the masking tape stripes was not so good. The black paint seeped under some of the tape…

Shower Scene 5
Which resulted in some tricky touch ups to try and keep the lines as straight as possible. I have no patience for painting in straight lines.

Shower Scene 6
A few more touch ups…

Shower Scene FINAL
And it’s done!

Psycho Shower


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