I have always LOVED a Mogwai!!!


And I have always appreciated a hungry Gremlin!!!

Gremlin yum

Last week, I was visiting my Grandparent’s house on my birthday when my Gran had something to share with me. It was a picture of Gizmo that I had drawn and coloured-in when I was a wee boy!

My Gran has had this drawing taped to the back of a cupboard door for all these years! Bearing in mind I’m now 32 and Gremlins was released in 1984, this wee childhood drawing is over 25 years old! It’s really sweet to think that she kept my wee picture for all this time!

I Tweeted the photo to Joe Dante, who wrote and directed Gremlins, amongst some of my favourite horror movies, and he retweeted my wee childhood drawing!

Long live the Mogwai in the cupboard!