It’s amazing how time flies when you’re writing and producing some songs! Having spent a long time working on My First EP; writing, recording, rewriting, rerecording, scrapping things, starting again and all that, I am almost ready to get the thing shared with the world! I have a few finishing touches to make and some vocals to record and My First EP will be available online to stream, download and purchase!

While I’m getting the final EP sorted out, I thought I’d share the instrumentals for the first two singles here via my Bandcamp site!

The tracks have been going under the working titles of ‘The Synthpop One’ and ‘The Disco One’ and the real names of the tracks will be revealed when I launch the fully loaded vocal edits on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and other platforms later in the year!

The non-vocal instrumental edits of both tracks are available right now on my Bandcamp site in high quality MP3, Flac formats and more, meaning you can have a listen, have a download or have it on me! Or you can Name Your Price if you wanna purchase them and give me some support- I’ll leave that up to you, you kind and generous human that you are!

Have a preview of the tracks on the media players below and if you wanna download them, just click on the download button!



If you like them or wanna get in touch or wanna tell me what you think of the tracks, give me a shout out on Twitter or on my Facebook Page and give me a shout, a like and a share over there!


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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