The multiple award winning American Crime Story: The People V OJ Simpson is a brilliantly written, acted and directed dramatization of the “trial of the (last) century”- the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Ryan Murphy and his wonderful team delve into the heart of this all too familiar real-life tragedy and explores the complexities of the people involved in the case.


I was only 12 years old when the trial of OJ Simpson was televised in 1995 and 11 when the Bronco chase aired on the news in 1994. I do remember watching it on the TV in my grandparents kitchen while i probably should have been doing homework or something else and not knowing exactly what was going on, but knowing enough that this was a big deal. Now 33 years old in 2016, I’ve saw this bizarre and tragic case parodied and retold and rehashed over the years- the OJ Simpson case (and other cases) have become so ingrained in popular culture and public consciousness that everyone knows of the events and repercussions of the case.


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the dramatisation of the real life events. The casting was fantastic as was the writing- dramatic, engaging and just the right amount of melodrama to keep you on the edge of your seat. Although we all knew the outcome and how the story would end, the show was crafted in such a way that each episode cliffhanger really was an ‘I can’t wait for next week’ moment.

Inspired to read more about the case and the real people and individuals involved in the case, I read Marcia Clark’s ‘Without A Doubt’, OJ Simpson’s ‘If I Did It’, Jeffrey Toobin’s ‘The Run Of His Life’ and Vincent Bugliosi’s ‘Outrage: Five Reasons Why OJ Got Away With Murder’ amongst others! My 12 year old self may not have understood what was going on way back then, but my 33 year old self certainly has an exhaustive and well read knowledge of the case!

Captivated by the show and the story, I was pleasantly surprised to have a few Tweets picked up by the FX and used in their social media and marketing campaigns!

With The People VS OJ Simpson having wrapped and finished and won it’s awards, here’s hoping the second season of American Crime Story is just as engaging and brilliant as it’s first chapter!

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