J'adore Adore
Adore Delano B&W

Jack and I found ourselves at AXM Glasgow at the Autumn / Winter 2015 collection ‘fashion’ show by Dylan Joel. I’d like to say the collection was inspirational… but we were really there to see the one and only ADORE DELANO LIVE ON STAGE!!!

Adore Smoking

She’s polish remover. She’s ratchet couture. She’s a god damn mermaid. She doesn’t even need to try. She doesn’t give a shit. She’s fucking cool!
Adore Delano… we adore you!

Adore DTF

The one time American Idol contestant and RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 top 3 alumni has truly propelled herself into a bona fide popstar having seen success with the debut album Till Death Do Us Party and the forthcoming Afterparty in 2016.

Having played live at the O2 Academy in Glasgow just months before, Adore Delano had the AXM audience not just lip syncing, but screaming in adoration to her every word!

A little microphone malfunction wasn’t going to interrupt Adore and her awesome rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody…

A true professional, she led the audience into finishing off the song for her, before changing mic and carrying on with the rest of her show!

John & Adore
Jack & Adore

As vibrant in person as she is on stage, Adore Delano is too fucking cool! A phenomenal drag queen, a brilliant popstar in the making and all round amazing person…
Adore… We Adore You! ❤

Adore Sissy That Walk


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