Hosted by the ever amazing Lady Munter, Glasgow’s First Lady of Drag, and supported by The Muntorage – Glasgow’s premiere collective of established and emerging drag kings and queens, Menergy at AXM Glasgow is always an evening of decadence and fabulousness! Taking centre stage is always an international superstar of the drag world!

So when not one… but TWO legendary Drag Race stars take to the AXM stage, you just know you’re in for a damn good time!
Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon. Each separately are seasoned queens, fierce performers and RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favourites. Together, they’re an All Star powerhouse of drag royalty!

Having seen Menergy go from strength to strength over the years, through venue changes and everything involved in managing a very successful brand, kudos must be paid to Lady Munter and her team who run the show!

What I admire about Menergy isn’t just the well-known performers we all know and love or the Scottish queens and artists sharing the stage with the likes of Manila, Latrice, Raja, Sharon, Katya, Pearl, Bianca to name but a few… It’s the collective sense of community within the audience, the shared experience, everyone being there for the love of the art of drag. It’s always a good crowd there for a good time!

Meeting your idols is sometimes a daunting experience but I can say hand on heart, Latrice and Manila were two of the nicest queens I have had the chance to meet! Emma and I had quite a long wait to meet them, but when we did both greeted us with a smile and a hug and air kisses (Never kiss a drag queen on the cheek! That’s just rude!) and they chatted to us for a while before we had our photos and our goodbyes! The long wait really was worth it!
And what would a meet and greet be without some autographed merchandise to add to the ever-growing collection I have! And since I am such a good, kind and thoughtful (HA!) person, I even managed to get a personalised set for Jack who couldn’t make it to this Menergy! He’ll be there next time though!

And as one Menergy closes…
Another opens right up!
Amanda Lepore. THE Amanda Lepore.
Club Kid Icon.
At Menergy. On Halloween.

Amanda Leopre GIF

It’s like all my Halloween dreams have come true!
Jack, Emma, Brandon and I alongside some others shall see y’all there!


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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