Film 4 Frightfest Glasgow

Back in February, I was at my first ever FrightFest in Glasgow- a two-day film festival celebrating and screening new and up-and-coming horror movies, a few world premieres and some special guest speakers, directors and stars of the movies!

Over the two days, I endured (and endured is the word) 11 films back to back! It’s all fun and games until your arse is numb and you’re stuck watching Mischa Barton run around an underground storage facility in The Hoarder… BUT in saying that, the line up was all new to me and I kinda enjoyed the most of them!

I really enjoyed the film adaptation of Mo Hayder’s best-selling book thriller, The Treatment and also the Blair Witch retrospective / documentary The Woods Movie. It was also really brilliant to see a shadowy killer murder fashion models in Arrow Films’ restoration of Mario Bava’s 1964 film, Blood and Black Lace. REC 4 or REC Apocalypse, whatever your preference for sequel titles, tied up the REC series by moving away from the found footage / hand-cam style of the previous installments, although not in the way I wanted the series to end! The Atticus Institute was good and decent tale of possession and military experimentation, and The Asylum / Backmask / Exeter ( they should choose a single name for the film) was another tale of demonic possession this time featuring a group of teens in an abandoned asylum.

There were a few good ones that I really liked namely Clown– where a loving father finds a last-minute clown suit for his son’s birthday party only to realise that wearing the suit is a curse that transforms the wearer into a child eating demon, 88- where a young woman gets taken on a violent journey of revenge seeking the person responsible for her lover’s death, and There Are Monsters– the last film shown at FrightFest- which is a found footage style romp featuring weirdness, distorting faces and a prolonged scene involving a dark basement, a poor isolated woman, an iPhone camera flash and the moment an entire cinema audience of horror fans screamed in fright and joy! The film exists NOWHERE and there is no information to be found on it! But trust me! It was a delight!

The highlight for me was the amazing Wyrmwood!!!

It’s Australian. It has zombies. It has swearing.
It’s billed as ‘Mad Max meets Dawn of The Dead”.
It’s probably one of the best films I’ve watched in a long time!

Fast forward two months and I got a twitter notification telling me that one of my Tweets had been printed in SciFi Now magazine’s review of FrightFest Glasgow 2015!


Out of all the Tweets and Instagrams and blogs and reviews I posted over the two days, they chose this one…


Straight and to the point I suppose! But still! I’m happy and quiet impressed that my wee face graced the pages of a magazine!!!

It may be a year away, but I’m already looking forward to seeing what FrightFest Glasgow 2016 has in store! Here’s to next year!


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Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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