This will be my final blog of 2014!
I like to do a Rewind blog every so often. It gives me the chance to revisit blogs I have written, artworks I’ve created, music I’ve made, and to remind myself of gigs and events I’ve attended alongside things that have happened or entertained me over a set period of time.

This year’s previous REWIND blogs have covered goings on from January – March 2014 and further goings on from April – July 2014. You can click those links to see what happened when!

The Rewind from August – December 2014 is a much more… how do I put it… a much more personal affair.
The start of 2014 was all about my audition process for The Apprentice, Radio One’s Big Weekend, My Birthday, writing for Scissor Sisters, being on TV briefly, meeting Michelle Visage, drag queens, interactions with celebrities and famous people and some exceptionally interesting and positive professional work… and a whole load of other stuff I’ll probably be reminded of at some point other than now.

It really was an amazing start to the year! August – December was JUST as good!

We went to see the FABULOUS Alaska Thunderfuck at Menergy Glasgow!
And she was DIVINE!!!
It’s been a grand ol’ year at Menergy and I hope we have more adventures there next year!




Speaking of fabulous queens…


We went to a very special showing of BEARBARELLA at the Glasgow Film Theater featuring Peaches Christ, Lady Bear and an ensemble of fantastic drag performers.
With a limited run in Glasgow, Manchester and Belfast, it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!




All NIght Horror Madness
We endured a massive horror-movie-a-thon at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow at All Night Horror Madness! It was an epic 9 hours of horror that included screenings of the following films:


ALL NIGHT HORROR MADNESS – The Blood Crazed Beast Returns!
If you thought all night horror events dies out in the 1980s, think again because this autumn you’re invited to watch crazy horror movies from 11.00pm right though until dawn… Following a run of incredible sell-out shows, we proudly announce the Glasgow return of ALL NIGHT HORROR MADNESS!

Come and savour an atmosphere that the Edinburgh Reporter calls ‘electric’ and the event The Journal describes as ‘an authentic, vintage technicoulour rainbow of blood, guts, gore and bones, considered one of the best nights on the Scottish calandar.’

The line-up for October has been announced! Films screening are:
Riotous 80s zombie mashup NIGHT OF THE CREEPS
Cronenberg horror masterpiece THE BROOD
Demented trash filth epic FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN
Creepy cult slasher flick TOURIST TRAP
And the outrageous 80s gore-fest meltdown classic that is STREET TRASH

Three films from glorious 35mm, including STREET TRASH – the FIRST EVER 35mm SCREENINGS OF STREET TRASH IN THE UK! And featuring a special video intro from the film’s producer Roy Frumkes!


We also took a trip down the Barrowlands Walkway in Glasgow!




The X Factor may have come and gone, but Cheryl’s love of Liquid Gold continues to spread across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter! Almost 1 million views in total last time I checked! Cheers to Christopher who made it go viral! 🙂


I made some more artwork of which you can click on the banner below and have a look!


The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 was revealed!
Click below to have a read at my dedicated Drag Race blog!


Caroline Paterson- you made my day! Cheers for being so lovely!


I became a Coffee Roasting expert thanks to the amazing Gordon Street Coffee!



If you’re ever in Glasgow, pop in and try out some of the food and drinks- it is AWESOME!
You can follow them on twitter at @gordonstcoffee




Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups sold me a dodgy Peanut Tree…

Peanut Scandal 1

And compensated me accordingly! 🙂

Peanut Scandal 2

And! We managed to get tickets for FLEETWOOD MAC!!!!!!

Fleetwood Mac UK 2015 Tour

And I had a Misty Day / Stevie Nicks moment. Literally.

Hi i'm Stevie Nicks

And there we have it. My final blog of the year. There’s most likely a load of stuff I shoul’ve and could’ve included but it’s Christmas and I’m FINALLY on annual leave!

Just a quick nod to my fabulous friends and folk…










Here’s to next year!
See ya in 2015!

Michelle Visage Byesies

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