As you may know, I do a lil bit o’ painting and drawing for fun and also get commissioned to paint and draw for people.





There’s a whole page on my blog dedicated to my artwork if you’d like a look and there are individual blogs about some of my pieces were created alongside the inspiration behind them!


I recently found a little app called Flipagram that allows you to create short video stories set to music right from your phone. I find it to be a handy wee app for fun and photos and documenting occasions and projects or whatever you like! It’s so easy to use and fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which makes it easy to share your Flipagrams with your friends, family and networks!

I decided to take my artwork blogs and Flipagram them so feel free to have a look at the videos below! Click on the title above each video to have a look at the blog based on each painting!



Anatomy of an Artwork: The Stag #TheStag #Stag #Art #Painting #Video

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Anatomy of an Artwork: Voodoo Art #Voodoo #BaronSamedi #Art #Painting #Video

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I think it’s a pretty sweet, quick and easy way of showcasing my work and being able to set the images adds another layer to the progress and feel of work! I’ll defo be using it more often to showcase my artwork, paintings and other things! If anyone has anything to ask about my work or commissions just give me a shout using the social media links in the sidebar! Laters! xJx


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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  1. I really love your paintings!


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