The Rewind

Hello Hello Hello!
Tweets. Blogs. Things. Stuff.
Eat. Sleep. Kiki. Repeat.
It’s been a busy and exciting start to the year for me!

Bianca Gif

Things are only gonna get busier and I’m afraid my wee blog might be a bit quiet throughout April. I’m not allowed to say why though. Gawd-dammit!

Adam Ssssh

Here’s a wee rewind of my blog and twitter and things and stuff from
January, February & March! Hurrah!
Click the picture links. Have a read. Share. Like. Y’all knows the score.


Lion King 1

We started the year by going to the theatre dahling to see The Lion King.
It was fabulous. As expected.

I got my very own Jon Snow to keep forever and ever!

This little black bird posed for a photo in my garden.

Chris Carter, one of my FAVOURITE crime / thriller authors in the world, sent an autograph to my Gran and I.

The third chapter of American Horror Story came to a close and we finally found out the identity of the next Supreme.


I realised that it had been 10 years since my favourite band in the world had released their debut album…

I decided I’d write a blog article about Scissor Sister and with Ms. Ana Matronic gonna be reading it, I had no option but to turn it out…

THIS blog was the finished article…

Needless to say Ms. Ana Matronic approved! Hurrah!

Things started appearing online about the return of Game of Thrones and now that season 4 has started, the year long wait was absolutely worth it!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 kicked off the race to find America’s next drag superstar in February and OH MY LADY GAGA it’s been quite fantastic so far! Amazing guest judges, a new Pit Crew, SHADE: The Rusical, Snatch Game and some of the tightest tucks in Drag Race herstory… let the race continue!

I also discovered a fabulous little pop song from Australia called Raining Diamonds by a singer called Ricki-Lee. Apparently I was a bit late to the party on this discovery…


My little Jon Snow got a little Direwolf friend! 🙂

Emma Strummer and I went to see Latrice Royale at Menergy thanks to Glasgow’s First Lady of Drag, Guillotina Munter! Needless to say, the night was fuckin awesome and we met some FIERCE new friends! Flyers and posters are designed by the talented Mutate Design so go check out his Facebook page! Emma, Brandon, Maeghan and I et al are heading to a fair few forthcoming Menergy events! Click the flyer above to see who’s gonna be making an appearance at Lady Munter’s Menergy at AXM in Glasgow!

Snatch Game Season 6 happened. And it was fierce.

Bianca Del Rio did Judge Judy and it was the greatest TV moment ever in the history of TV moments.

In fact. Bianca Del Rio could be the greatest thing in the world ever and is definetely my spirit animal.

Bianca Del Rio face

Bianca Del Rio face 2

I Hate Everyone

I made a new DJ set and y’all can download it and it has music from this lot on it:

And my little blog turned 2 years old!

So there we have it. January. February. March.
What’s happening next?
Radio One’s Big Weekend. Manila Luzon, Michelle Visage & Bianca Del Rio at Menergy. The Wickerman Festival. The Commonwealth Games Arts & Music Project. Art things. Music things. That thing I can’t talk about.

My 31st birthday…


That’s right. Thirty-fucking-one.


Given that the 30th birthday celebrations last year were pretty awesome, I’ve a feeling that the 31st birthday celebrations this year will be just as awesome!

As I said at the start, the blog may go a bit quiet over the next few weeks but gimme a shout on the old Twitter if you’re that way inclined!

Bye for now!

Sissy That Walk

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