Crime Scene Tape

I’m an avid fan of the darker side of entertainment, literature and media, and in particular the work of best selling author, Chris Carter.


Chris Carter

With inventive, high-concept storylines and well developed, interesting, brutal killers, his books focus on the investigations of Robert Hunter – a Criminal Behavior Psychologist turned Detective for the Homicide Special Section of the Los Angeles Robbery Homicide Division.

LAPD Crime Scene

Having a professional background in criminal psychology, Carter’s first hand knowledge has allowed him to create and develop a wonderfully intricate and spine-chillingly sinister series in which Hunter finds himself on the trail of some seriously twisted and ingenious perpetrators.

With his latest book, One By One riding high in The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestsellers List in the UK, his previous books are making waves across the world. Having read the entire Robert Hunter series, I wait in anticipation for his 6th book to be published in the future!
Click on the book covers below to read a preview on the official Chris Carter website.

It was my Gran who actually put me on to Carter’s work. As a new reader to the crime / thriller genre her suggestions are always spot on- she knows her authors and books alright!
As an unbeknownst surprise, I emailed Chris on behalf of my Gran, who is a great admirer of his work, and received a personalised autographed photograph for both of us!

Chris Carter Autographs

Not only is Chris a talented and brilliant writer, he is a most polite and very courteous individual who responded immediately with some kind words to my Gran and I alongside the photographs.

Having just finished reading One By One recently I thoroughly recommend getting a hold of his books if you’re a fan of this genre- you will not be disappointed!

Crime Scene Tape


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