Last year was a Year of Kiki.
This year was a Year of Shade.

The Shade of It ALL


Last year was full of adventures and gigs and good times- many a Kiki was had here, there and anywhere! Hurrah!

This year I really couldn’t be bothered.
Most things unimpressed me this year and most people annoyed me.
It was a year for assessing people and situations, removing myself from toxic friendships and banishing them from my sight.
I named this little iPhone emoji ‘The Hand Of No’ and by Christ it was put to good use over the year…

Hand of No

For example…

THE HAND OF NO SAYS NO to idiocy or illiteracy – this is not something to be proud of or celebrated.

THE HAND OF NO SAYS NO to people who are permanently orange with outrageous hair extensions or One Direction styled hair who look like they got hurt in an accident caused by Hurricane Primark.

THE HAND OF NO SAYS NO to anyone who declares their employment status as ‘SINGLE MUMMY AT NONE’.

THE HAND OF NO SAYS NO to anyone who spends their free time sitting on something called ‘MY BIG COMFY COUCH’ or who sleep in something called ‘MY BIG COMFY BED’. It’s a couch and a bed for fuck sake.

The Hand of No says NO and means NO. Always.
One little word = a lifetime of joy.

Michelle says NO

The year wasn’t all about saying NO to everything!
There were some occasions where one had to say YAY!


Like when…

I turned 30


And it was marvellous!
I had a surprise birthday party thrown for me and my birthday cake had a little fondant drag queen on the top! It was fabulous!
The whole Turning 30 Birthday Weekender was ah-may-zing!


I survived my first ever Wickerman Festival

Wickerman Logo

I can honestly say I had no idea what I was letting myself in for but I am so so so glad that a few certain people convinced me to go!
The weather, the company, the campsite, the music, the people, the atmosphere, the weather… EVERYTHING was amazing and perfect and I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Wickerman 2013

I passed my Masters Degree

I started my Postgraduate MA in 2010 and unfortunately fell ill for what felt like a small lifetime and had to defer after less than one semester… so three years and a medical drama later I finally completed and passed my Masters Degree!
I graduate from the University of the West of Scotland with my MA in Music Innovation and Entrepreneurship in July 2014 which I am really looking forward to! The ever amazing Zane Lowe gave me a shout out of congratulations live on BBC Radio One when I learned that I had passed which was awesome!

He dedicated James Blake’s “Retrograde” to me on air.
I love this song so much.

I made some music things

All the DJ sets can be downloaded from Mixcrate or streamed on Mixcloud!

I started working on some songs…

I was a Top 10 Regional finalist in the Movida Corona International Dj Contest!

I painted some pictures

Like this Fierce Drag Art

And this Stag

And this Baron Samedi

I got some drag art

Drag Art
These FABULOUS artworks are by Chad Sell and are based on some of the former contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race! I went on and on and on about them so much that my Mum, Gran and Aunt each bought me one for my 30th birthday!
They are fieeeeeeeeeeeerce!

My friend had a baby

Baby Cake
*not the actual baby or my friend’s vagina. (thank GOD.)

My old, old, old, old, OLD friend Maeghan had a baby with her fiance Peter and I am glad that the birth of lil’ Molly hasn’t affected Maeghan’s shade throwing ability in any way.

I watched a lot of TV

tv 2013

I listened to the same songs on repeat all year

Albums 2013

The Drag Race continued

The 5th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race kicked off the year in style!


The battle for this season five’s crown was amazingly tense and featured three fabulous and very different Queens in the grand finale…

RPDR S5 Final 3

But ultimately, Jinkx Monsoon was crowned the winner!

Jinkx Monsoon

The fierce and fabulous Michelle Visage followed me on Twitter which made me happy!

Michelle Visage

Emma and I became honorary “judges” for her birthday thanks to a lil’ bit o’ Photoshop trickery…


And then we were hit with a flurry of fish and gagged in delight at the next round of contestants who have entered the race to become America’s next drag superstar in 2014…
Drag Race 6 Contestants

I got to see Nile Rodgers and Chic LIVE

Nile Rodgers

I loved and loathed this song equally

We made some Snow Zombies
The Snow Massacre Part One

I discovered a fondness for 80’s disco dogs

Disco Dog

Screaming Goats

I learned how to bake cakes


Grand Theft Auto V


I think I know my way around Los Santos better than I know my way around the West Coast of Scotland.

I found a broken giraffe

Broken Giraffe

Willam Belli’s Beatdown

I have watched every episode of Willam’s Beatdown many, many times and they just get funnier with every watch!

Maeghan and I found a dragon in my garden

It turned out to be a Hawk Moth and not an actual dragon.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

My little blog celebrated it’s 1st birthday!

ONE button

That’s 132 posts of things and stuff including a 30 Day Song Challenge, a 30 Day Movie Challenge, music, downloads, gifs, stories, drag queens, paintings, artwork, DJ sets and plenty SHADE!
Come February 2014 I’ll have been blogging for 2 years.
For a wee project made for my Masters Degree, it’s come a long way!

And that is as much as I can be bothered typing for 2013.
I am 30. I am old. I need a nap.
Let the blogging recommence in 2014!
I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
RuPaul Looking

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Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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