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The Hand of No.
The Hand of No says NO and means NO.

Hand of No

Today, The Hand of No is saying NO to bad spelling.
The word of the day is…

Big Bird Says COLLEGE

A college is an educational institution where people go to learn things. The people who go to college are called students. Students study and educate themselves and usually have a good time in the process.
I Heart College

A collage is a piece of art made from sticking different things together, like photos and pictures. For example, this is a collage of The Hand of No:

You may notice that a college is different from a collage.
Notice how COLLEGE has two letter Es and COLLAGE only has one.
When you’re writing your Tweets and Facebook updates on your phone or tablet there’s a tool built into it called Autocorrect that is a handy wee thing that auto corrects your spelling if you make a mistake!
Isn’t technology marvellous?
That means there really is no excuse for your ridiculous fucking spelling errors that make you look like a silly billy!

Now repeat after me…

C O L L E G E spells COLLEGE
(like saying coll-edge)
C O L L A G E spells COLLAGE
(like saying coll-aahj in a French accent)

I hope The Hand of No has helped clear up any issues surrounding the spelling of the word COLLEGE.
If you understand… Then well done to you!
You deserve a treat!
MLP happy

If you don’t understand, then here’s another spelling lesson for you:
No I in Team

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About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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  1. Jalene says:

    parca rasfoiesc o carte cu povesti. sunt foarte asasutcopee, un pic cam incarcat stilul, dar iti dau pofta de viata. sa faci poze si cu mancare il ele, te rog, sa vad cum se armonizeaza πŸ™‚


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