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It’s Halloween Season once again!
I love this time of year.
On one hand, it’s the day to celebrate and remember the dead, saints and martyrs… and on the other it’s the day to dress up, watch scary films and devour sweets, douk for apples and run amok!
In honour of my favourite time of year, here is a list of

13 Amazing Horror Characters…

Before I begin with my list, I must pay homage to some other truly amazing characters that for reasons unknown won’t feature in the main list. They’re all demented and fabulous in their own way and will probably make the list next year! Hurrah!

Horror Folks

If you click on the collage below, you can read and view my fanboy blog dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’!

But before that… Let’s have a look at this list…

13. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
OK… She’s not technically a gruesome, murderous, mythical, monstrous, psycho killer… but she is indeed the Mistress of The Dark and she’s fierce as fuck!
 photo Elvira_zpsfe11cec1.jpg

12. Critters – Critters 1-4
They may look like the spawn of a demented hedgehog and a rabid Pokemon but these little spikey Crites are all kinds of cute / crazy.
Critters gif

11. Pennywise – It
Nothing is scarier than a clown. Except pigeons. Pennywise is horrific. An outrage! A SCANDAL! I HATE HIM / IT!!!

10. The Darkness – Legend
Ok… Legend is a fantasy film and not horror… HOWEVER! Tim Curry playing The Darkness is one scary ass demon! He wants to create eternal darkness. He has giant devil horns. And he kills unicorns. Bad… demon man thing.
 photo TheDarkness_zpsa999f854.jpg

9. David Kessler – An American Werewolf in London
The poor guy got turned into a werewolf after visiting a pub called the Slaughtered Lamb, murdered his friend who came back as a mutilated and reanimated corpse and then went on a rampage across London in werewolf form. Probably not the backpacking holiday in Britain that he was hoping for.
American Werewolf

8. Chucky – Child’s Play 1 – 3
Sure, Chucky may have descended into camp comedy of recent, but the original story of serial killer Charles Lee Ray stalking and trying to murder a small child after his soul is trapped in the body of a flame haired Good Guy Doll is kinda creepy. I’m looking forward to checking out Curse of Chucky which promises to take the series back to it’s disturbing roots.

7. Count Dracula
Many vampires have been committed to literature, film and TV but the most definitive is Count Dracula in his various forms, including one rather amazing cartoon duck version! Whether your preference is Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi or Gary Oldman there’s no doubt that Bram Stoker’s creation is and always will be timeless icon of horror.
 photo Dracula_zps857aaba6.jpg

6. Leatherface – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Psycho? Yes. Mask made of human skin? Yes. Product of inbreeding? Yes. Chainsaw? Yes. Based on a real life killer? Yes – Ed Gein. Gunner Hansen’s original portrayal of the childlike yet terrifying Leatherface is truly brilliant.

5. The Crawlers – The Descent
This is such a good film! A group of female friends go spelunking (what a ridiculous word for cave exploration) and get lost and get into a whole lot of trouble and then disturb a nightmare colony of… god knows what they are! It’s atmospheric, it’s claustrophobic and the ending is… well… it’s… I’m not saying.The Descent

4. Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty
Yeah… She’s a Disney villain. She’s fabulous. She’s also the Mistress of All Evil. She can also turn into a dragon and y’all know you wouldn’t fuck with her. What happened when she didn’t get an invite to celebrate the birth of a baby? She cursed the baby and vowed to kill it – kill it by MAIMING the child on a sharp stick. So there.

3. Regan MacNeil – The Exorcist
Poor little rich girl gets possessed by a demon. And that demon has some serious sass going on! Crucifix masturbation, projectile vomiting, vulgar language, hideous scarifications, an adverse reaction to holy water, distortion of body parts and general blasphemous fuckery are just some of her moments. “Do you know what she did… your cunting daughter?” That’s plenty mate.
The Exorcist

2. Pinhead – Hellraiser
Charming, noble, regal… Three words you probably wouldn’t associate with a the fearsome character that is Pinhead. Trapped inside the Lament Configuration (the box…) Pinhead is the leader of the hideous bondage / S&M enthusiasts otherwise known as the Cenobites and I absolutely adore him!
Tear your soul apart

1. The Evil Dead
It’s my favourite of all the horror movies!
I love the original and the sequels and the remake.
I am DETERMINED to see Evil Dead: The Musical before I die!
The Evil Dead isn’t really a character as such – it’s more of a collection of spirits and demons that are “activated” when passages are read from the book known as the ‘Necronomicon Ex-Mortis’ or ‘Naturom Demonto’; a book bound in human flesh and inked in blood that contains prophecies, funerary incantations and demon resurrection passages. With the ability to possess inanimate objects, nature, the dead and the living alike, the Evil Dead subjects its host’s body to horrific torture and eventual death. Not exactly a book for the kids. But fear not! Our hero Ash is always (well… except for the 2013 remake…) there to save the day! Anyway. I love the Evil Dead. It’s ferocious. It’s fierce. It’s fabulous.
Evil Dead 2013 1
The Evil Dead 80s 2
Evil Dead 2013 2
The Evil Dead 80s 3
The Evil Dead 80s 1
The Evil Dead 80s 4

And thus ends my Halloween blogs for 2013!
Until next year…
Happy Halloween!

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