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I like a story I do.

Dark Road

Everyone knows the feeling.
You’re alone.
You get the feeling you’re being watched.
You glance up. Nothing.
You see something out the corner of your eye. Nothing
You’re convinced you’re being watched.
You know you’ve locked the doors, windows but you know you’re alone.
You know there’s nothing coming for you?

Coming For You

My friend’s granddad lived alone for years.
A few weeks ago he began to notice small things going amiss in his house, like things that had sat in the same place for years wouldn’t be where they’d always been. Food started disappearing and he swore he didn’t eat it. He’d wake up to strange sounds in the middle of the night. Things would seem to be moving, when they shouldn’t be. Every time he’d go and check them out, the doors would be locked, the windows tightly shut. Nobody was there.

Rocking Chair

My friend thought his granddad was losing his mind. Obviously distressed at the goings on in his house, my friend set up his tablet and laptop to record one night, to set his granddad’s mind at ease.

The next day, he went over to go through the recordings with the old man and to show that there was nothing sinister going on. They sat on the bed with the laptop and that’s when they saw it- a black shadow, almost in the shape of a woman, crawling out of the cupboard. Frozen to the bed in disbelief, at the end of the video, she crawled back into the cupboard- the cupboard that was just a couple of feet away from where they were sitting.


My friend remained as calm as possible for the sake of his visibly shaken and terrified granddad and they both looked at the cupboard, before making their way out of the bedroom and outside. My friend phoned the police on the assumption that the woman was a burglar who had hidden in the cupboard after being disturbed by his granddad at night. However, the police pointed out that none of the doors, windows, locks had been disturbed. There was no evidence that anyone had broken in… in other words… the woman had been in the house all along.


After a thorough search of the house, the woman was found, nervously huddled inside the corner of the cupboard. She had sneaked into the house while my friend’s granddad was gardening in the previous summer and had eaten, showered and slept there for an entire year, completely undetected.

Think of all the things you do in the privacy of your own home.
Think of all the things you think no one ever sees.
Now imagine a strange homeless woman who has been watching it all.

Old Woman

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Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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