30 day movie challenge

A movie you could play a part in
“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Rocky Horror

There will never ever be another movie quite like this!
I have watched it countless times on the small screen and on stage and it just gets more and more fabulous with every viewing!

If you don’t know how to do the Time Warp… here’s a handy step by step guide.

Time Warp

This is Dr. Frank N. Furter.
He is a doctor and scientist.

He’s also a sweet transvestite.

From transexual… Transyl… vani-aaaaaa-ah-haaaa.

He is also the master of dramatic pauses.

The movie is absolutely the best thing ever!

I love every single thing about it!

The only thing that would make me love it even more would be to see the show live at The Woodlawn Theatre in San Antonio, Texas this October where my Drag Race heroes Michelle Visage, Alaska Thunderfuck and Willam Belli are starring!!!
If anyone wants to pay my flights over to the US from Scotland for this onece in a lifetime showing please feel free!!!
Rocky Horror Woodland Theatre

So there we have it!
The movie I could play a part in!
And the last movie of my 30 Day Movie Challenge!

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I do music and art and teaching and things. Twitter:@johnmcblain

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