30 day movie challenge

A classic movie that you love
“The Wicker Man”

The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man is an amazing wort of art that I love dearly and I am so glad that this audaciously strange movie exists!
It’s an all-singing, all-shagging mishmash of horror and suspense wrapped around a simple mystery narrative: a child has been reported missing on the remote island of Summerisle, and dour and devout Christian police Sergeant, Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) is the only one capable of finding out what happened.

Wicker Man 0

Sergeant Howie slowly unravels the mystery of Rowan Morrison’s disappearance and is unnerved by the residents of the island and their claim that Rowan never existed…

Wicker Man 2

Eventually making contact with the mysterious Laird Summerisle (Christopher Lee) Howie is profoundly disturbed to find that the island society worship old, Pagan, Celtic Gods and participate in highly sexualized and bizarre rituals and customs.

Lord Summerisle 1

Howie’s hunt for the missing Rowan descends into the macabre with the island folk’s behaviour becoming increasingly sinister and outlandish with every twist and turn.

Island Folk

Exasperated and exhausted, Howie begins questioning his Christian beliefs and his sanity…

WickerMan 1

Before the realisation sets in that Laird Summerisle and the residents of the island have been successful in a conspiracy to lure Howie to the island with brutal and fatal consequences.

The Wicker Man is such an amazing movie.
Since its original release in 1973, there have been many versions of the movie; edits, re-edits, lost footage, destroyed reels, archive footage, re-releases, re-cuts, restorations and a God awful and completely pointless remake in 2006, that it’s almost impossible to know which version is the true version.
Thanks to the powers that be… A definitive and final cut of The Wicker Man is set to be released in the Autumn of 2013 in cinemas and DVD / Blu Ray and I for one cannot wait for this!


This year, I had my first experience of the Wicker Man Festival (which runs annually in the location that parts of the movie were filmed) this year and LOVED every single moment of it.
It truly was an amazing experience.

Wickerman 2013

The Wicker Man is a masterpiece and is one of my all time classic and favourite movies ever made.


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