30 day movie challenge

A movie from your University years
“Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2”
(2003 / 2004)

Kill Bill

Kill Bill 2

I watched many, many, many movies when I was a student.
Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 seem to be the stand out movies from my time at University! I do remember seeing it at the cinema numerous times and becoming completely obsessed with the whole thing! I also remember deciding to learn Japanese after seeing it which kinda worked out… for about a day.
There was always a rumour about Volume 3 where The Bride’s daughter would face off against Vernita Green’s daughter many years after the original timeline… One can only hope!
Haters can hate it, but I fucking love it.

Death List 5

RIP The Deathly Viper Assassination Squad

RIP Vernita Green aka Copperhead

RIP O’Ren Ishii aka Cottonmouth

RIP (maybe) Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake

RIP Budd aka Sidewinder

RIP Bill

Good work Beatrix Kiddo. Job well done.


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Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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