30 day movie challenge

The last movie you saw in a cinema
“Insidious 2”

Insidious 2

I love the first Insidious so much!

After a small lifetime of nasty remakes of classic horrors and found footage sagas it was a breath of fresh air to finally see a haunted house / possession / ghost / monster movie that actually worked well!

The first half builds up the tension nicely with a decent storyline and some creepy and damn scary parts thrown in. Of course, the second half descends into a rather camp affair with ghosts and monsters of The Further fighting against a crazy psychic in a gas mask and the man in search of his lost son.

Insidious is also responsible for placing that creepy fucking Tiny Tim song deep in the psyche of many people. Just click on his ghastly face to have a read about it in my 30 Day Song Challenge blog…

Insidious is by no means groundbreaking or perfect, but I love it. It has always felt like a throwback and homage to the horror movies from the 70’s & 80’s that I grew up with.

When the sequel was announced it was without a doubt inevitable that I would have to see it. Released on Friday 13th September (which is a novel date to release a horror if you’re into your superstitions and all that) my old, old, OLD friend Maeghan Dunnachie and I booked our tickets to go see it on the opening night. On a side note, I now know how to work my Odeon Points app thing on my phone that gets you free popcorn thanks to a rather exasperated Miss Dunnachie. And on another side note, the last time the two of us were at the cinema was at Oz:The Great & Powerful where the poor girl nearly went into labour at a monkey making cow noises. Apologies to Peter once again for that.

Now… I hate spoilers…
All I’ll say is that it pretty much follows on from the original Insidious and carries on with the ghost story / possession tale. My immediate reaction was that I was disappointed as I had built up the sequel in my head so much. In hindsight, I actually really liked it and I am glad that the obvious follow on was avoided and that the mythology of the Insidious series was explored. It’s inevitable that there will be an Insidious 3 in the future and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.


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