30 day movie challenge

Favourite cameo in a movie…
Marilyn Manson as Christina Superstar
Party Monster

Party Monster Quad (Page 1)

Macaulay Culkin. Seth Green. Chloe Sevigny. Natasha Lyonne.
Dylan McDermott. John Stamos. Marilyn Manson.

All in the same movie about the rise and fall of King of the Club Kids, Michael Alig.

Based on the memoirs of the fabulous James Saint James…

“Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous but True Tale of Murder in Clubland “

Party Monster is the true story of the eventual murderous downfall of Michael Alig who moves to New Yourk who learns the rules of the New York party scene from James Saint James who teaching him all about the ‘rules of fabulousness’.

Alig becomes an influention and notable celebutante in the club scene of late 80’s and early 90s New York alongside his entourage of Club Kids, notorious for their rampant drug use, elaborate style and lifestyle of excess.

Money… Success… Fame… Glamour…

Marilyn Manson makes a cameo appearance as the fabulous, yet tragic drag queen, Christina Superstar…

Who’s appearances throughout the movie are as amazing as they are bizarre!

I absolutely adore this movie. I discovered it through some friends back when I was a music student and have loved it ever since. The story, the visuals and the music are as equally fabulous as the real life characters that it depicts. Definetely worth watching!


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Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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  1. Favorite Cameo in a movie. John Waters as Jesus in a movie called Mangus. He appears before Mangus at a strip club convincing him of his true purpose. Where his lifelong dream is to play Jesus in their high school’s knockoff version of Jesus Christ Superstar, yet they won’t because he wound up in a wheel chair due to a car accident,


  2. Love party monster btw. 😉


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