30 day movie challenge

Your favourite animated movie
The Flight of Dragons

The Flight of Dragons

The Flight of Dragons is not only my favourite animated movie, but one of the most cherished movies I can remember from my childhood.
I’ve never met anyone else who has watched the film other than myself, my Mum, Dad, Gran & Grandad!

Carolinus, the Green Wizard summons his three brothers, Lo Tae Zhao the Golden Wizard, Solarius the Blue Wizard and Ommadon the Red Wizard and their dragons to discuss the creation of The Last Realm of Magic where all magical beings can live, hidden from the rest of the world, as the world of magic is dying and being replaced by the world of science.

Ommadon refuses the plan of action, instead threatening to take control of the Last Realm himself.

The four wizards cannot be at war with each other so the Green, Golden and Blue Wizards gather a group of misfits to destroy Ommadon’s crown which is the source of all the Red Wizard’s power.

Carolinus summons Peter Dickinson from the future – a man who has created a board game based on Carolinus and the others from the magical realm – to join the quest.

Ommadon learns of this quest and sends his dragon Bryagh to kill Peter, but Carolinus casts a spell that combines Peter’s mind to the body of Carolinus’ green dragon, Gorbash.

Knowing nothing about magic or being a dragon, on the request of Carolinus, an ancient dragon called Smrgol takes Gorbash / Peter under his wing (literally) and teaches him all about being a dragon and the realm of Magic.

The group tasked with destroying Ommadon’s crown embark on their quest…

The story develops into a fantastic and epic adventure of dragons, goblins, trolls, dwarves, giant worms, wolves, wizards, men and women fighting against the Red Wizard’s Realm of Foul Magic to ensure that Ommadon is defeated and that the creation of the Realm of Magic takes place.

I remember being absolutely mesmerised by this movie as a child. I managed to get a hold of it recently (it’s a rare find) and found it just as mesmerizing as an adult as I did as a child.
It’s of the same era and animation style of Dungeons and Dragons, which is still one of my favourite cartoons of all time.

I recently became obsessed with Game of Thrones and it’s become quite apparent that I have not lost my addiction to epic mythical realms and dragons.

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of The Rings etc. this is definitely worth hunting down to watch!


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