30 day movie challenge

A movie you never get bored of watching
Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

Witches. Zombies. Halloween.
Three of my favourite things in the world.
And they’re all in this glorious masterpiece!
If you’ve not watched Hocus Pocus… be gone.

This is the tale of the boy called THACKERY not ZACHARY…

Who gets turned into a cat by…


But they get hanged because… well… they’re witches who like to kill children and suck the souls from their tiny victims to preserve their beauty.
Or… something like that.

But before they’re hanged they cast a fabulous spell which will see the sisters resurrected on All Hallow’s Eve when the moon is round and the Black Flame candle is lit by a virgin…

So fast forward a few hundred years and this silly virgin ignores all the warnings and lights the candle to impress his ‘yobbo’ love interest…

Silly virgin…

He shoulda listened to his sassy lil’ sister…

As the spell worked and Sarah, Mary and Winifred return!!!

And they get to run amok on Halloween!!!

The Sanderson Sisters are fierce as fuck!

And y’all know they’ll put a spell on you…

I mean… It’s perfect! It’s amazing! It’s fabulous!
And it has the most perfectly poised zombie who has the Tyra Banks smize nailed to perfection.

Billy Butcherson is fierce…

As is Dani & Max’s momma…

Carrie Bradshaw and The Happy Nun from Sister Act likewise…

But Bette Midler is the best.

I love the fact that there was an uncanny similarity between the Sanderson Sisters and the three finalists in the Season 6 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race earlier this year!

Alaska Jinx Roxxxy
Alaska Thunderfuck, Jinx Monsoon & Roxxxy Andrews

Sanderson Sisters
Sarah, Winifred & Mary

I will never, ever, ever get bored of this movie!!!


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Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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