30 day movie challenge

A kids movie that’s not very kid friendly
Return To Oz

Return To Oz

Do not be fooled by the image of Dorothy strolling down the yellow brick road with her chums. She’s a deranged psychopath who escapes electro shock therapy thanks to the help of some crazy girl who has been locked in the basement of the hospital then they both jump in the river where crazy girl drowns and Dorothy and gets to go back to the land of Oz where she gets into some fucked up situations.
This is the same Dorothy who murdered a poor witch with a house then stole her shoes, excited the munchkins, became bestos with a sparkly bitch in a floating bubble, thought she could talk to a big cat, a tea pot and a bale of hay and then murdered the sister of the witch she killed in the first place.
Leave these people alone.


Return To Oz is a nightmare.
A wonderful, glorious nightmare.
Full of scary shit.
Here’s 6 of them.

1. These things with wheels for hands and feet.


2. The Nome King and his fancy ruby slippers.


3. Dorothy has a pet chicken. That talks…

And what even is that dancing thing in the background?

4. Mombi and her collection of screaming heads.


5. This bed / moose situation.

the gump

Fuck no.

6. Dorothy grows up to be Nancy from The Craft.

Go home Nancy.

You are Dorothy. Do-ro-thy.

Creepy ass movie.
I love it.


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