30 day movie challenge

The first video you owned on VHS
The Care Bears Movie

According to my mum…
This was the first video that I ever owned!
I absolutely LOVE the fact that The Care Bears Movie was the first video I ever owned!

I do remember having a few Care Bears toys… and I think my favourite was called Tenderheart Bear, as pictured above in all his sparkly, cuddly glory!
I have been told by my mum that I had a matching Care Bear duvet and pillow set and also a blue knitted jumper with the yellow Care Bear on it! Oh hahahahaha you may be thinking… I was TWO when this film came out in 1985 and if I could convince my Gran to knit me a replica Care Bears jumper to fit my 30 year old self I would WERK and OWN it!

Remember going to a video shop as a child?

You would stand in a daze looking at walls of video tape cases and maybe read the back of a case to see what the tape was all about…

Care Bears Movie Back Cover

You’d keep looking… you’d get confused… you’d sneak round to the horror section… you’d be like WHAT THE FUCK… you’d run away… you’d be like NO to the documentary section… you’d be like NO to the films that you now really actually probably love… you’d be like ‘boobs?’ in the adult section… you’d be like ‘oooooooooooh gimme’ at the new releases… but you could never just walk into a video shop and get a new release… these had to be pre-booked in advanced… so you’d skip past the kinda-new-but-not-new-enough area of videos… back to the cartoons… and you’d pick up your favourite FAVOURITE VIDEO EVER EVER EVER YAY… and your mum was like NO… pick something else… and you were like MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM… and she was like no… and you were like PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE… and she was like no… and this went on for a while… until she got bored of you and said OK… and you were like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

For those of a certain age, the weekly trip to the video shop truly was a magical event and it’s a damn shame that some people will never have the experience of going to a shop to rent a video OR experience the wrath of the shop person if you didn’t rewind the video tape!

On that note of 80s / 90s nostalgia, here’s the trailer for the first VHS I ever owned. It will either make you go awwwwwww or make you vomit. It’s an either / or situation here.


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