I have nothing to do today.

I feel like Lindsey Lohan wearing a black weave.

I understand this twitchy-eyed Britney Spears’ pain.

I know how Dr Frank N Furter feels.

I’m more bored than these fish people.

Hey Queen… High 5 for being bored!

And I’m like… should I do something?

Like… read a book?!

Like… do some music things?!

Like… paint a picture?!

Like… go a walk…?!

As in… move?!

As in… socialise?!




What to do… what to do…

Make tea.

Tea solves everything.

Do a little dance?

No. No dancing.

Drink tea! Watch TV!

Phone someone for some chat / reading / shade throwing!

And feel a little less bored…

And when the tea and TV and chat is over…

It all starts again.

In all fairness, making this blog did pass some time.


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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