The year Two Thousand and Twelve!!!
What a year!

This wee blog was created way back in the Spring of 2012 as part of my Master’s Degree in Music Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of the West of Scotland for a module entitled Social Media: Manipulation & Impact.

I passed the module with an A pass and have since learned that it’s being used as an exemplar for the module – thanks to Clare Kelly for that!

As 2013 beckons I’m about to graduate with my Master’s Degree, venture out into the big bad business world with my own venture, take my musicianship and DJing to a new level, prepare for leaving my 20’s and turning 30 years old and having some more fucking good times along the way!

But enough about the future!

This year was about one thing for my friends and I.

We locked the doors.
We lowered the blinds.
We fired up some smoke machines.
We put on our wigs and our heels.
We had a fucking good time.
We had a Kiki.

What is a Kiki

Let’s clear one thing up before we begin…
Urban Dictionary says:

Kiki 1

Kiki 2

Here it is in all its marvellous glory- my song of the year!

2012 was the Year of Kiki for my friends and I!
And what good friends they are!

Friends 1 Friends 2 Friends 3 Friends 4 Friends 5 Friends 6

On that note…

I thought I’d share some of the things that kept me entertained throughout 2012!

This Happy Pig…

Happy Pig

Kept me smiling every day!
Thanks to Break.com for sharing this pig!

Judge Judy sent me an autographed photo of her fine self
Judge Judy

Resident Evil 6 was fnally released
Resident Evil 6

So Good To Me by Chris Malinchack kept me nice and calm…

Public Transport…

And calm I failed to be on the majority of my travels using public transport. Facebook friends will know EXACTLY what I mean here! Tales of the woman who eats eggs, the girl who ate a chicken tikka sandwich and shit herself, the small hobbit man, the overhead light incident, my hatred of pretend accents and the day I was trapped between a man with tourettes and man who couldn’t sit still which almost resulted in me doing the Macarena on a bus at 5:50am.

Bus Trip 1 Bus Trip 2

Porter Robinson – Language

Gigs and Concerts and Live Music

This year we went to see: 2manydjs, Nero, Lostprophets, Steps, Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and The Circus of Horrors!
All of which were amazing!
Except for Lostprophets.
I wrote a blog about that one. You might want to read it.Gigs 1 Gigs 2 Scissor Sisters

A Trip to Hogwarts…

While in London for Lady Gaga, Katie and I stayed at The Hilton, travelled around the city and literally ended up at Hogwarts!
I finally caved and read the Harry Potter books this year for the first time in my life and absolutely loved it. What I did not love however was Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Especially the rotten egg, earthworm and dirt ones.
I’d urge any fan to visit the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour as it is absolutely amazinng and quite magical!!!Harry Potter 1 Harry Potter 2

My Halloween Face…

Emma’s Fabulous Hat…

Fabulous Hat

Discovering Sharon Needles…

The gothic, horror loving, dementedly fabulous Sharon Needles is the most amazing contestant and winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.  And incidently is gonna be appearing live at Lady Munter’s Club Menergy at the Forbidden Gentlemen’s Club in Glasgow in January 2013!!!

Sharon Needles

New shows… Old Shows… All good…!
These are what I was obsessed with!TV 1 TV 2

This song from the Microsoft Surface advert…

And this remix of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name by Cyril Hahn…

The Hunger Games
I read it. I watched it. I love it.

The Hunger Games


Brandon and I invented this game.
One giant beanbag. One flight of stairs. One open door.
It ended in disaster.
Kamikaze Beanbag

My dog, Carrie, looking cute…

And then becoming stuck in my head forever more!
Long Live Europop!!!

My new found love of Twitter!

Ana Matronic & Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) Mike Ruiz (VERY famous artist, director and photographer) and the divine Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Gretchen from Prison Break!) Tweeting and Retweeting!
Hurrah for celebrity friends!!!Tweets 1 Tweets 2

Oh… these are the T-shirts Mike Ruiz retweeted about!
I will own these as of Christmas Day!!!
And yes. That is a Ru Paul Barbie spanking another barbie.

Mike Ruiz Tshirts


Steven Allan and Barry Graham and I worked together to run two very successful SOUNDCLASH events this year! There were even soundtracks to the events made available (ON THIS VERY BLOG! The links are down the right hand side!) they were so good! SOUNDCLASH 3 and SOUNDCLASH LIVE have been on the cards for some time now but I can assure you that they will happen in 2013!
Always a pleasure working with these guys!


Walk Off The Earth…

Brandon introduced me to this band who are quite amazing.
Go and check them out. They are awesome.

Drawing and Painting and Art… Oh My…

I love drawing and painting and making a mess.
Heres my hand drawn drawing of Zachary Quinto as Sylar from Heroes with real blood / red enamel handprint, my black and white acrylic werewolf and my hand drawn pencil drawing of Batman circa the 90’s art deco inspired animated series!Sylar Werewolf Batman

John John Jake

And finally…

This crazy BOM BOM woman.
We couldn’t decided was Welsh or Eastern European.
I say Welsh. Emma says Eastern European.
We should have asked Google.
She makes monkey noises and sings about having a pie in her pocket and an eye in her socket while dancing to some funky trumpety dance pop beats…
She needs an invite to our next Kiki!

So there we have it!
Some of the things that kept me entertained in 2012!
Here’s hoping 2013 leads to many more new adventures, situations, music, films, TV, games, books, friends and hings (hings! not things!) that will let me write a new ‘Year of…’ blog this time next year!!!
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!
See y’all in 2013!


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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  1. Loreen Lifer says:

    Awesome info and interestingly written. Keep up the wonderful stuff!


  2. I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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