keep calm and kiki

Hey people!

This month I went to London to see LADY GAGA! AGAIN!
I literally went to Hogwarts and visited the Harry Potter Studios!
I started back at University to finish off my Master’s Degree!
I have been working on some new music things! Oh Yeah!

And I bid farewell to the superstar that is Katie McGillivray who has moved to Surrey and has hit the ground running at top speed!

All the best from me to you!

And just remember…

If in doubt…

Just call yourself JADE, talk Ohstraaaaalyan and have a KIKI!

A Kiki is a party… for calming all your nerves…

The next big gig we are heading to is the almighty SCISSOR SISTERS on Friday 19th October at the Glasgow Barrowlands!

I have seen this band SO many times since their debut way back in 2000 when songs like Electrobix and Monkey Baby first penetrated my brain!!! A few years later came Laura, Comfortably Numb, Laura again, Take Your Mama and Mary on the Scissor Sisters album, followed by Remixed!, Ta Dah, Night Works and more recently, Magic Hour- all of which confirmed them as one of my all time favourite bands!


Fast forward 10 years and they are still as awesome as ever and I cannot wait to see them live once again for the… erm… 15th time??

In the mean time…

Lock the doors… lower the blinds… and let them show you EXACTLY what you need…

Put the bass in your walk…

She’s back!!!

Can I get an AMEN up in here??!

I first discovered the DIVINE Ru Paul’s Drag Race a few years ago when it was shoved into the after midnight graveyard slot of E4 and thought WHY THE FUCK ain’t this shown in the prime time slot?

I mean… it’s one percent Next Top Model, one percent Project Runway and ninety eight percent drag-u-licious!!!!

And with a theme song that goes:


What’s not to love???!

Click the image above for more info on the show!

Her Highness, Ru Paul, brings together a dazzling troup of aspiring drag queens and challenges them to start their engines and not fuck it up over a series of quite fabulous tasks before two have to lip sync… for their lives!

The winners each week? Shante… they stay!
The losers? Sashay… away!

This year sees Ru bring together previous contestants such as Shannel, Tammie Brown, Nina Flowers, Raven, Jujubee, Pandora Boxx, Yara Sofia, Mimi Imfurst, Manilla Luzon, Alexis Mateo, Chad Michaels and Latrice in what is sure to be a breast plate busting, bitchy, drama fuelled almighty battle royale in order to find the Drag Race All Star!!!

It starts on October 22nd on Logo in the US so us UK folks will have to find our own way to watch the fabulousness unfold!!!

Lady Munter’s Menergy…

If the start of the new series of Drag Race gets you moist…
Here’s something that will have you dripping with excitement!!!

MENERGY will make it’s grand return on Fri 5th of October at the Forbidden Gentlemens Club, Glasgow and it will kick off the return in style, with what will be one hell of a night and a future-legendary MENERGY party for sure!

WILLAM, infamously disqualified and always controversial contestant from season 4 of US reality TV show RUPAUL’s DRAG RACE and it’s spin-off, RuPaul’s Drag U – and NewNowNext’s Most Addictive Reality Star of 2012 nominee – will be in the UK during the first week of October, bringing herself to Scotland for all of the Drag Race fans here!
The night will include a full set of live performance, crowd interaction and WILLAM spilling the T on why she was REALLY disqualified!

Tickets for the event are available from TicketWeb:
Like it? Then add yourself to the facebook event:

Click the flyer below for more info on MENERGY!

Glamazon or Wannabe?

A bit of nostalgia happened this month!

Many, many years ago there was an amazing, albeit short lived, American TV show called Popular which was shown on Channel 5 in the UK in the late 90’s / early 2000’s. It’s near impossible to get a hold of these days… but if you try hard you may just find it!

It was a high school show based on the popular Glamazons and the not so popular Wannbes of Kennedy High and their ups and downs and yada yada…

It’s only now that I realise that it was written by the brilliant Ryan Murphy who is responsible for not only the inception of Popular, but also Glee, Nip / Tuck and American Horror Story!!!

It all sounds very Dawson’s Creek until you realise that the dark haired Wannabe Sam McPherson and blonde haired Glamazon Brooke McQueen fucking hate each other and that their divorced / widowed parents have decided to get married! Hooray for step sibling rivalry made in the sheer depths of hell!

That… is only the start of the most amazing, well written, hilarious, surreal high school TV show ever written!

The ice cold, devious bitch that is Nicole Julian.
Carmen Ferrera being hypnotised into thinking she’s a chicken.
Lily Esposito and her war against frog dissection.
Josh Ford and Harrison John for the ladies.
April Tuna and her face.
Mr Bobbi Glass. Biology teacher. Male? Female? Hard to tell.
This… has haunted me since it ended!!!
Nothing… and I mean NOTHING… can ever compete with…


Probably the greatest character ever in the history of TV!

She is absolutely 100% dementedly fucking fantastic!
Her momma is called Cherry Cherry.
Her long lost sister is called B.Ho.
She is a TEEN TART!!!

She. Is. A.Maz.Ing.

Here she is in a scene from Season 2getting stalked by a killer in a mask who chases her round the school. Oh! And spot the Jane Lynch cameo appearance! (That’s Sue Sylvester for all you Gleeks.)

The people are real… The rulings are final…

On a final note, I’d like to share one of my most prized posessions!

I wrote to Judge Judith Sheindlin at the end of last year declaring my undying love for her!

Well. Not exactly.

I wrote away saying that I was a HUGE fan of her show and that I watch it every day and that I thought that the UK needs to catchup with some new episodes.


And a few months later… I got a personalised autographed photo of Judge Judy herself!


“John… My best… Judge Judy.”

I peed. Quite a bit.



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