It would seem that I have been neglecting my blog this month!
I’ll make up for it now though with this post!
Let’s begin…

True Blood Season 5…

In honour of True Blood Season 5… I thought I’d throw this video in for no reason other than I LOVE THE TITLE SEQUENCE FOR TRUE BLOOD!!! And the Jace Everett song is not too bad either!!!

The Dark Knight Rises…

Katie and I went to see it. It is amazing. I say no more.
Here’s my pencil drawing of Batman that I did…


It’s Batman circa the early 90’s animated series for those who remember the  darkly gothic and art deco backdropped series. I am working on a few other Batman related drawings at the moment since I am easily impressionable and I’m in Batman mode right now. I may even buy a cape. Who know.

Gigs n Hings…

So far this year I have been to see the ever amazing 2manydjs, the awesome Nero, the poptastic Steps, the awful Lostprophets and have blogged about them all! Later on in the year I am going to see Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie, Lady Gaga and Scissor Sisters and will blog about them too!

You can click on the flyers to be taken to the tour webpages for more info if you feel the need:

This will be the first time seeing Rob Zombie, the second time for Marilyn Manson, the third time seeing Lady Gaga and believe it or not, the 13th time seeing Scissor Sisters! I won’t be going alone… as important people that I know such as Katie McGillivray, Emma Strummer, Brandon Paton, Maeghan Dunnachie, John Mullen, Steven Allan, Amber Loy, Sam Lorimer, Jo Plenderleith, Barry Graham, Robin Montgommery, Gary Kerr and Ashleigh Kerr amongst others will also be there! (How’s that for a name drop people??!)

Here’s some photos that I took of Lady Gaga at the Dublin O2 in 2010 & some of the Scissor Sisters at somwehere, sometime, that I can’t remember…


Probably the best picture I have ever taken…


Excuse the floating heads…


So close to Jake Shears I was…!

Ana Matronic & Paddy Boom

Books n Hings…

The SurgeonThe Hunger GamesMockingjayCatching FireUnwindI am OzzyThe Crucifix KillerThe Executioner

Before I got my Amazon Kindle last year for my birthday the extent of my reading was theory books, academic papers, research for work and university, newspapers and trash magazines. It’s not that fiction didn’t interest me… I just didn’t have the time to indulge myself. Of course, over the years I have dipped in and out of literature but not to the extent that i would call myself a big reader.

Fast forward a year and I have become addicted to my Kindle and have immersed myself in various fictional worlds and genres that I never would have guessed I’d be into!

My gran, Joy McTurk, got me into reading book by Tess Gerritsen. The Rizzoli & Isles crime/medical thrillerseries had me hooked from the moment I finished reading The Surgeon and The Apprentice. the TV show spin off of the book series is watchable… but it is very pale in comparison to the writing and style of Gerritsen.

I read the entire Harry Potter series after years of protest and much peer pressure and after reading it, I had to ask myself why I refused point blank to acknowledge it at the time! Something to do with ‘not jumping on the bandwagon’ was my answer but for fuck sake I wish I had jumped aboard!

I also read The Hunger Games trilogy in about three weeks and absolutely loved it to the point of distraction, immersion and obsession. Reading Suzanne Collins’ trilogy led me on to reading Unwind by Neal Shusterman – where children, unwanted by their parents, can be sent to be unwound: a process that involves harvesting the body parts and organs for later use… but the child never dies… they continue ‘living’ when the harvested parts are donated to other people. It’s part of a trilogy, with Unwholly being published in the Autumn of 2012 and the concluding book sometime next year.

Recently, I finished reading Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘auto’biography I Am Ozzy which was bizzare, hilarious and as fucked up as you’d expect a book by the Prince of Darkness to be! Shit My Dad Says by Justin Halpern was absurdly brilliant and had me in hysterics!

Going on another tip off from my Gran, I read The Crucifix Killer, The Executioner and The Night Stalker by Chris Carter which have amazingly gruesome and twisted murder/torture scenes that wouldn’t be out of place in Saw or Hostel! The fact that Carter worked as a forensic psychologist before becoming a published just made the killings in the books even more sinister… just as i like it!

Who knows what I will end up reading next!
If you have any suggestions for me… give me a shout on my Goodreads profile! Just click the button below to find me:

John McBlain's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)

Observations & Situations…

I quite often find myself in random situatons through no fault of my own.

Like the other week for example, where I assaulted a woman with my Kindle on a bus by accident. Or the fact that I am currently being stalked and victimised by a Seagull named Steven.


I remember vividly the week I spent with the crazy German folk and the woman named Kitty. And the night I was followed by a woman called Kat who insisted I tell her stories about a cat. Or going to a flat party in Glasgow and meeting the host’s roommate who ended up being a cheeseplant. Or being in Atlanta, Georgia when a hurricane struck. The night I met a Kiwi, a Grape and an Apple. Tales of Cumnock Academy. Tales of East Ayrshire Choir and Orchestra rehearsals. Tales of parents being on holiday. Singing in Dublin and being treated like a celebrity for the night! Getting confused in an elevator with Maeghan, Katie & Gary after shouting BEEDEE at some BEEDEEs. Or the time we met Jesus working in a lesbian chip shop. X Block Raves at Paisley University Ayr Campus. That film about a woman and a box and winning money if someone randomly dies turning out to be an actual film and not something I made up in my head. That time I dressed up as a woman and was actually rather convincing as a woman. Or that night I got scared by the seven foot pair of tights in a wig in a toilet…


Anyway… I quite often (well… all the god damn time…) Tweet and Facebook about my observations on the world and things that I like, dislike, love and hate. Recently, someone mentioned that I should turn my ‘Facebook Rants’ as they are affectionately known into a book for a laugh. So at the ripe old age of 29… I am writing a book based on my observations and conversations with the world. It’s mostly for my own entertainment. But I like to share things! It will be published as an e-book and a few hard copies made for some special people who will be named and shamed / featured in the book! I am making progress with it and will let y’all know when a preview is ready!

So there we have it…

Another day… another blog post.

Until the next one… take it easy!


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