For the past few months I have been running this blog and reporting on the things that were… all about me! If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know what I have been writing about. If you’re new to the blog then why not have a look around the site and a look through the archives!

Before I continue… let’s have a happy song…

I am currently studying for my Masters Degree in Music Innovation & Entrepreneurship at University of the West of Scotland and it’s thanks to a module in the course that the allabooutjohnmcblain blog was born!

The module was entitled Social Media: Manipulation & Impact and involved developing an online presence and measuring the impact and success of it. I must admit, back when I started the module, the thought of learning HTML coding and web design things actually reduced me to tears! But I got there in the end and had a blast developing and sharing the blog over the past few months! If you click on the banners below, you can have a look at what I get upto elsewhere on the internet:


The assessment and presentation for the module is on Tuesday 1st May 2012 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow where I will be using Prezi to talk about the whole process of building the blog, syndicating other social media platforms and creating engaging and dynamic content. If anyone wishes a look at the online presentation just give me a shout and I’ll drop you the link!

More info on the Masters Degree in Music Innovation & Entrepreneurship can be found by clicking on the UWS logo.


I said this blog was a thank you… and that my friends it is!

It’s a thank you to everyone who drops by and reads the blog! It’s a thank you to everyone who has shared the blog! It’s a thank you to everyone on my Facebook profile and page! It’s a thank you to my Twitter followers! It’s a thank you to everyone who has streamed my DJ sets and mashups on Mixcloud, downloaded my DJ sets on Mixcrate and downloaded the Project Bandcamp content from Soundcloud! It’s a thank you to those people who have clicked the Like button, retweeted me, shared my music, used my mobile site, stumbledupon me, turned up at the Soundclash gig, generated & engaged in conversation and have helped tell the world allaboutjohnmcblain!

It’s also a thank you to Clare Kelly from UWS for delivering the module!

And an extra special thank you goes to all those people who have been name dropped in some of the blogs and regularly put up with text messages and phone calls of distress regarding my drama in doing internet things… you guys know who you are!

So there we have it! Here’s hoping the presentation goes well and that I pass the module so I can progress into the final stages of my Masters Degree! One thing is for sure that you’ll hear about it either way on Facebook and Twitter!

I started with a song… So I’ll end on a song… sweeeeeeet sen-say-shun! See ya!


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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