Those of you know me well enough… and those of you who have known me for a long time… you will truly understand the importance of this blog post.

It’s been 11 years since that fateful Boxing Day announcement in 2001…

A Step Back In Time…

Cumnock Academy: Music Department: 1997 – 2001

A group of us music folks used to come bounding up the wrong way of the school’s one way system… kicking and throwing first years out the way… running past the ever enthusiastic and god like teacher that was Mrs Asli… scaring Mr Gow into his smoking… er, storage cupboard… rearranging desks, tables, chairs, piano… clearing space for our makeshift dancefloor… throwing a self made cassette tape of Steps greatest hits on the relic of a HI FI system…


We would arrange ourselves in that ever familiar Steps formation… singing, dancing, rehearsing, screaming, arguing… trying frantically to remember the dance moves from Friday’s Top of The Pops and Saturday morning’s CD:UK with Ant, Dec and Cat…

Belting out ONE FOR SORROW… we would be punching the air with our finger pointed like a true fucking pop star… screaming in a fury if someone turned the wrong way… restraining others if they did the Lee & H steps instead of the Lisa, Claire and Faye steps…

We would get over it quickly because the next song was starting… Tragedy… yeah!… Last Thing On My Mind… a wee breather… Better Best Last Thing On My Mind… better get dancing again…Heartbeat… heart attack…and of course the absolute fucking frenzy that is 5,6,7,8… then the bell goes… so we have to go back to class or go home… or go to Allison’s- whose house had the biggest of all living rooms and could easily fit every one of us… fire on Step One: The Video… learn the routine for Luv U More… go home… sleep… start again… repeat… over… and over… again… and again…

There are some who will remember… There will be some who choose not to… But it’s all true!!!

Present Day 2012…

I may have turned into a lecturer, DJ, producer and professional music man. I may be a lover of music such as techno, electro, dubstep, drum and bass and all that. I may even be going to see Lost Prophets in Glasgow next week, awaiting the delivery of tickets for Lady Gaga in London and crying over the lack of Skrillex tickets…



Accompanied by Katie McGillivray, Kayleigh Samson, Leanne Kennedy (who is getting married to the lovely Raymond this year!) and her mother Diane Kennedy (who refreshed my memory of stories about me and her other daughter Kirsty Kennedy and our antics when at uni as music students…) we headed to Glasgow’s SECC to see Steps and their Ultimate tour. I was a bit apprehensive… would they live up to my expectations? Would they sing live? Would they still actually be able to dance?

And yes… They did!

They performed almost every one of their hits (where was After the Love Has Gone?) and some cover versions of some random pop songs like Moves Like Jagger, Judas and S&M! They even had the obligatory pseudo-dubstep breakdown in the middle 8 of Deeper Shade of Blue which actually sounded pretty amazing! They had the sell out audience on their feet to ever number- much to the security people’s annoyance as the gig was a seated gig- I mean…seats at a Steps concert?


Steps having a sit down… unlike the crowd…

As for the 3 hour show… Faye had a giant shoe to skip around (a stiletto not a trainer) with some semi naked dancers. There was a computer game like digital landscape for H to fight some robots and blow some digital bubbles, although I’m sure he’d have been happier blowing something else. Lee wore some red leather (how kinky) and strutted around with some sluts. Lisa got booed. And Claire, god love her, she sang her fucking heart out whilst wearing a moving dress based on Her Majesty Gaga’s famous dress from the Monster Ball tour. Then probably went for a burger. They all came back on for their cover of Dancing Queen, did some singing and dancing, showed some videos and sang some more before ending with an encore of their biggest hit, Tragedy!

It was camp… It was bizarre… It was entertaining… It was EXACLTY as expected!

I am glad that I got to see them again… before Living TV commissions yet ANOTHER Steps show telling the tale of their next fall out or non fall out or for Claire and whatever or whoever she’s eating or not eating.

In the 90’s… They were Steptacular!

In 2012… I’m glad I have my memories of 1999!



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  1. Kirsty Kennedy says:

    Oh god the memories of the uni antics and the fun we got into! Now those were the days. Wish I hadn’t had to work and I wuld of been the one there to share in the glory of the steps moments from 2012. Oh well there’s always next year and hopefully Manchester! Lol. Luv ya Munkey x


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