Steven Allan and I hosted our SOUNDCLASH event on Saturday 7th April 2012!

There were no rules, no playlists, no setlists… just Steven and I doing what we do! From ice cool progressive house, to nosebleed inducing techno, to banging techy-electro with a mish mash of randomness thrown in… it was most definitely a Soundclash!!!

It all started when Steven and I had by conversation a few weeks ago as to whether we could DJ back to back and whether it would work given that our styles are pretty different- Steven being kinda house, funky house, electro and me being more techno, dubstep, mashup and trash… and we both agreed FUCK IT LET’S DO IT… and I am so glad we did!

Here’s a taster of the night featuring music by the likes of Kissy Sell Out, Hardwell, Knife Party, Bjornberg and a few surprises …just click on the image and it will take you to the mixcloud player!

We spent a good few weeks developing the brand, the promotional material, the online presence and promoting the gig and we can both safely say that it paid off – so a big big BIG thank you to everyone who came along- the feedback has been phenomenal!!!!

I decided to make up a SOUNDCLASH EP to say thanks to everyone who came to the gig and I am pleased to say that EVERY copy of the CD was snapped up immediately!

For those of you who didn’t get a copy… just give me a shout and I’ll get you one!

For those of you who did… here’s the lnk to the digital artwork for the front and back covers: just click on both images, right click & save and they’re yours!!!


I need to say a few thank yous…

To Steven Allan- it was an absolute pleasure working with you! I have a feeling this is the beginning of something pretty epic…

To TC’s Bar- for letting us host the event there!

To Emma Strummer, Brandon Paton, Katie McGillivray, Maeghan Dunnachie, Kayleigh Samson, Graeme Faulds, Amber Loy, Lauren Holden, Donna Withers, John Mullen, Thomas Cunningham, Ron Cross and EVERYONE else who was involved and that I have run out of room to mention here – for your constant tweets, retweets, likes & shares and help, support and good times along the way!

And most importantly Steven and I must say a massive thank you to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who turned up for the Soundclash… you guys made it happen for us!!!

On that note… I am gonna stop typing on here… and start planning for the next SOUNDCLASH… which will be bigger, better, harder and LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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