On Monday 19th March 2012, Katie McGillivray, Emma Smith, Brandon Paton  and I ventured to the O2 ABC on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street to experience the almighty Nero and their 2012 Welcome Reality Tour!


When a gig starts with a chorus of “here we fuckin’ go” and the bass through the sound system make your “nostrils vibrate” you know you’re in for a good night!


Daniel Stephens and Joe Rae appeared on stage in a Daft Punk-esque pyramid of bass pins, speakers and vintage televisions, clad in the best looking wrap- around sunglasses that I have ever seen!

Starting with the apocalyptic, dominator- synth ridden Doomsday, Nero progressed through their Welcome Reality Tour taking their dubstep-techno-electro-rock-classical influenced style to a whole new level of awesomeness.

The last time I felt a bass cannon kick like this was at Chase & Status at the end of last year, but to compare these two powerhouses of sound just doesn’t seem right as I love them both equally!


Vocalist, Alana Watson appeared on stage at various points like a sultry ghost-like apparition through the strobes and lasers entrancing the sell out crowd of around 1250 people with every word and note that she sang.

There was a nod of appreciation to Knife Party, whose rip roaring ear assault of a remix of Crush On You was flawlessly intertwined with the original track causing a mosh pit to break out. Yep. That’s right- a mosh pit!


From Promises, to Crush on You, to Reaching Out via Guilt, Innocence and Must Be The Feeling, the crowd roared with appraisal at the extended encore of the anthemic Me & You.

Tilt your head to the left before you hit play on the video!
You’ll see why when you do!

More info on Nero can be found here: http://www.thisisnero.com/


About johnmcblain

Scottish Musician, Artist and Lecturer in Music & Sound Production.

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