FrightFest 2015

Glasgow Film Festival 2015
Film 4 Frightfest Glasgow

This weekend Christopher, Pauline, Adam, John, Lauren, Judy and I are heading to Glasgow Film Festival’s FrightFest 2015! This will be my first ever FrightFest and I’m really looking forward to attending the weekend-long screenings and shenanigans with some amazing people and FrightFest veterans!
I’ve compiled a little bit of info on the films we’re gonna be seeing from the official FrightFest site and I’ll be doing a follow up blog, with input from the guys named above, reviewing all the films that we will be seeing over the weekend!

FrightFest was originally conceived by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones and staged its first event in 2000 at the Prince Charles cinema, off London’s Leicester Square. Its August Bank Holiday weekend date has remained a fixture ever since. Greg Day, their long-serving PR man, joined the company as a co-director in 2006.

The objective of FrightFest was to provide the UK with a horror fantasy festival of similar stature to the market leaders in Europe, Sitges (Spain) and Brussels (Belgium). FrightFest has since evolved into a community where audiences and guests alike travel from all over the world to be part of the event’s unique atmosphere.

Due to rapidly increasing audiences and its burgeoning reputation as a must-attend event, FrightFest moved home to Screen One of the Odeon West End, Leicester Square in 2005 and staged the LAND OF THE DEAD premiere, with legendary icon George Romero in attendance. 2006 found FrightFest having to move again to the larger Screen Two auditorium in the Odeon West End and extending its length from four to five days. This was a banner year with the second only screening of PAN’S LABYRINTH after its Cannes Film Festival debut. Director Guillermo del Toro attending for the second time that year called FrightFest “The Woodstock of Gore” and the audience sang Happy Birthday to ‘Starsky & Hutch’ icon David Soul.

2009 marked Film4 FrightFest’s biggest leap in their 10th anniversary year. Moving just a couple of hundred yard across Leicester Square, the festival upgraded to the UK’s largest traditional cinema screen at the Empire Cinema. This heralded the most ambitious line-up of new genre movies ever presented in the heart of London’s glittering West End. A second and third screens soon followed with the addition of the popular Discovery and ReDiscovery strands

After five exciting years at the Empire Cinema where additional films and extra screenings were added to the line-up, FrightFest was on the move again, this time 100 yards along Leicester Square to the Vue, West End, a state of the art multiplex. There FrightFest settled into five of the cinema’s nine screens. Taking advantage of the additional space FrightFest expanded again increasing the number of films featured to 74 over the event’s action packed five days.

Outside of the main August event FrightFest also stages a Halloween extravaganza and hosts a regular two-day terror-thon at the Glasgow Film Festival every February. FrightFest also organises special events, which have included Dario Argento at the Coronet, Notting Hill Gate, DRAG ME TO HELL with Sam Raimi, HOSTEL Day, DEAD Day, An Evening with Jessica Alba, Clive Barker in Discussion, COLD IN JULY with director Jim Mickle and co-presenting the Italian rock band Goblin in concert. FrightFest has also launched Jake West’s two VIDEO NASTIES documentaries and hosted the world premieres of Neil Marshall’s THE DESCENT and Chris Smith’s BLACK DEATH starring Eddie Redmayne


The Atticus Institute
Director: Chris Sparling

The Atticus Institute

Dr. Henry West founded The Atticus Institute in the 1970s to study telekinesis, clairvoyance E.S.P. and other unexplained psi-related phenomena. Thousands of subjects were tested using scientific methods many of whom showed abilities defying explanation by known physical laws. But just after West published the promising results of their research work, the small facility was mysteriously shut down in November 1976 by a concerned US Government. The reason? They met Judith Winstead whose supernatural abilities tested far beyond anything ever before witnessed. You won’t believe your eyes watching the shockumentary of the year from director Chris Sparling, writer of BURIED.

The Hoarder
Director: Matt Wynn

The Hoarder

When Ella (‘The O.C.’ star Mischa Barton) discovers her Wall Street banker boyfriend is renting a secret storage unit, she suspects he’s using it to hide an affair. Enlisting the help of her best friend Molly (‘The Inbetweeners’ star Emily Atack) she breaks into the facility only to discover something more terrifying instead. Now trapped in a darkened building with a group of neurotic strangers who start disappearing one by one, Ella soon uncovers even worse horror in the dank depths. Her life or death battle to escape eternal enslavement is about to begin… And so are your nastiest nightmares..

Director: Kiah Roache-Turner


A post-apocalyptic zombie invasion, caused by a wayward comet, turns personal for an Oz mechanic when his sister is abducted by a sinister team of gas-masked soldiers for flesh-eating experiments by a mad scientist. An absolutely astonishing and brilliant feature bow from Australian brother Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner, it’s the deadpan dead bloodbath everybody is talking about. Sporting MAD MAX-style designs, a glorious sense of humour, energetic execution, new and outrageous zombie lore and KC and the Sunshine Band, this super-fresh spin on a favourite genre is a raucous riot of black comedy, catastrophic carnage and over-the-top splatter.

Director: April Mullen


There are two sides to every story. From the team behind DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D, and starring FrightFest Scream Queen Katharine Isabelle, AMERICAN MARY herself, comes a glorious, gory and fast-paced homage to cult exploitation revenge thrillers. Gwen arrives disheveled at a mysterious roadside diner. But who is she really because she has no idea where she is or how she got there in such an anguished state. Split between two timelines, Gwen gets taken on a violence-fuelled journey into death and destruction and becomes the most wanted woman in Tennessee seeking out the person responsible for her lover’s murder.

Backmask / Exeter / The Asylum
Director: Marcus Nispel


From Marcus Nispel, director of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW and FRIDAY THE 13TH remakes, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll possession. Six teens throw a party in a rundown building and find a vintage record. Talk turns to ‘backmasking’ – subliminal messages recorded onto a music groove heard only when the track is played backwards – and they play the vinyl for a giggle. Soon a seemingly malevolent entity has infiltrated the group, wreaking havoc. However the spirit is actually trying to convey a message and the real source of horror is something – or someone – much closer to home.

Director: John Watts


FrightFest Glasgow’s special 2013 guest Eli Roth sends in the clowns… When the entertainer hired for his son’s sixth birthday party is a no-show, doting father Kent dons a clown outfit himself. But after the festivities, he finds he can’t take it off – the bulbous nose is stuck to his face, the frizzy wig glued to his hair and the make-up permanently etched on his features. Too late he learns the costume is the skin of an ancient demon and his family must race to break the curse before the transformation into a homicidal killer with outsize shoes is complete.

Blood and Black Lace
Director: Mario Bava

Blood and Black Lace

One of the most influential horror thrillers of all time, Italian Maestro of Terror Mario Bava’s shimmering fever dream is a visually stunning, elegantly mounted and erotically charged catalogue of innovative homicidal cruelty. Six models at Contessa Cristina Como’s chic Rome fashion house are tortured and violently murdered by a ghost-like masked psychopath for a telltale diary containing incriminating scandal. A chiller way ahead of its time and considered the main evolutionary starting point for the entire giallo genre that would inspire Dario Argento, this key masterpiece of menace is presented here in all its restored glory.

The Woods Movie
Director: Russell Gomm

Woods Movie

In October 1997, a group of filmmakers ventured into the Maryland woods to produce a low budget independent horror movie. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT would become a global phenomenon and began the ‘found footage’ genre that remains a potent force today. Now for the first time you can see how that record-breaking groundbreaker came into being. From never-before-seen recordings of pre-production meetings, audition tapes and test footage to the actual shooting, first preview screenings and marketing at the Sundance Film Festival, all the key personnel guide you through the discussions and decisions that minted a shock sensation classic.

The Treatment
Director: Hans Herbots

The Treatment

Nordic Noir turns frighteningly Flemish in Belgium’s top-grossing film of 2014 based on the chiller by acclaimed British author Mo Hayder. Gut-wrenching and harrowing to an unprecedented degree, nerves of steel are required to watch this truly shocking, emotionally jarring, viciously gritty, serial killer thriller pulling no punches. Inspector Nick Cafmeyer is haunted by the unsolved disappearance of his younger brother. A known sex offender was questioned but quickly released who now takes fiendish pleasure in tormenting Nick. Now another similar case comes to disturbing light involving a missing juvenile and Nick’s real nightmare begins… You have been warned!

[REC] Apocalypse
Director: Juame Balaguero

REC 4 Apocalypse

FrightFest unleashed [REC] onto unsuspecting audiences and we are delighted to host the UK premiere of the shattering visceral conclusion to the global horror phenomenon. Picking up the intense action immediately after [REC] 2 – expanding on the mythos from all three predecessors, plus referencing cult genre classics – TV reporter Ángela Vidal is extracted from the cursed apartment building and taken to a high-security quarantine facility aboard an oil tanker. There, in the bowels of the dark and desolate ship, Dr. Ricarte is experimenting with the infectious virus to find a cure before another living dead outbreak occurs.

There Are Monsters
Director: Jay Dahl

There Are Monsters

Monsters are taking over the world, slowly, quietly and efficiently, but you won’t see them coming until it’s far too late! Four film students embark on a road trip to obtain promotional interviews for their college. However en route they witness a series of odd events, strange behaviour, shocking actions and what seems to be surplus of twins. Their well-ordered universe literally changes before their camera lenses uncovering a terrifying secret lurking just under the seemingly calm urban landscape. You will be scared out of your wits right from the start of this instant cult classic, guaranteed.

So there we have it!
11 films over 2 days!
Most likely we’ll be Tweeting and sharing things on Facebook and Instagram between films so catch us there over the weekend!
Wish us luck!

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R.I.P Laura Palmer


Happy Friday 13th


A Day At The Museum


Christopher and I decided we would spend
a day at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow!

Couple of poofs #gaybeard #gaybeardsofinstagram #hubs #soulmate

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I got photobombed by a dinosaur…

Yup. That's a dinosaur. Help me #ChrisPratt! #Dinosaur #Kelvingrove #JurassicWorld #Beard

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While he got photobombed by an ape-like skeleton…

Ehhhhh #beard #gaybeard #skull

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And we took a few photos and turned them into a mini video!



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Gaggier. Shadier. Realer.

Gaggier gif Shadier gif
Realness Just Got Realer

Hello Hello Hello!
RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 returns to our screens on March 2nd 2015! About time already! It seems like yesterday that that pussy mouthed mother fucker, any my all time favourite contestant,  Bianca Del Rio took the crown! How time flies!

"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season Six Finale

We’ve already been introduced to this year’s competitors…

RPDR S7 Queens
L – R: Violet Chachki, Miss Fame, Katya, Ginger Minj, Tempest DuJour, Jasmine Masters, Pearl, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Trixie Mattel, Sasha Belle, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Kandy Ho, Kennedy Davenport and Max

And now we’ve been given our first glimpse at this year’s new judges! Replacing Santino Rice are Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley, who will join and support RuPaul and Michelle Visage in the search for America’s Next Drag Superstar!

“There is a gay Santa Clause!” said RuPaul recently.
“I asked for a new, wickedly funny, smart and experienced judge…and I got two! Ross and Carson are the perfect addition to the RuPaul’s Drag Race family because they’re not just show biz experts, they’re superfans and longtime lovers of the art of drag.”

RPDR S7 Judges Grey

Ross and Carson may be the new permamnent judges this season, but they’re not the only new faces that will be aren’t the only new faces that will be judging this year’s queens…

The LEGENDARY John Waters will be making a DIVINE appearance!

Tamar Braxton, Ariana Grande, Kat Dennings and Scary Spice herself, Mel B will also be joining!

And some people called Jordin Sparks, Alyssa Milano, Rebecca Romijn, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Urie, Rachael Harris, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, Kathy Griffin and Olivia Newton-John! If rumour is to believed, there may be an appearance by the late, great Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa!

Rupaul’s Drag Race returns on March 2nd 2015!
Start your engines… and may the best woman… win!

RPDR walk gif

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The Rewind: Aug – Dec 2014


This will be my final blog of 2014!
I like to do a Rewind blog every so often. It gives me the chance to revisit blogs I have written, artworks I’ve created, music I’ve made, and to remind myself of gigs and events I’ve attended alongside things that have happened or entertained me over a set period of time.

This year’s previous REWIND blogs have covered goings on from January – March 2014 and further goings on from April – July 2014. You can click those links to see what happened when!

The Rewind from August – December 2014 is a much more… how do I put it… a much more personal affair.
The start of 2014 was all about my audition process for The Apprentice, Radio One’s Big Weekend, My Birthday, writing for Scissor Sisters, being on TV briefly, meeting Michelle Visage, drag queens, interactions with celebrities and famous people and some exceptionally interesting and positive professional work… and a whole load of other stuff I’ll probably be reminded of at some point other than now.

It really was an amazing start to the year! August – December was JUST as exciting, if not even more so, but for different reasons. One reason in particular. A reason named Christopher Kane. My other half. My Dude.

J + C

Before you saw awww or ewww…
He’s as shady a cunt as me. It’s a match made in HELL.

We went to see the FABULOUS Alaska Thunderfuck at Menergy Glasgow!
And she was DIVINE!!!
It’s been a grand ol’ year at Menergy and I hope we have more adventures there next year!


A wee video of @theonlyalaska5000 at #Menergy #Glasgow a few months ago! #AlaskaThunderfuck #Drag #RuPaulsDragRace

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COVER GIRLS!!!! #Menergy #Glasgow #Drag #Fabulous #Werk #SissyThatWalk #CoverGirls

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Speaking of fabulous queens…


We went to a very special showing of BEARBARELLA at the Glasgow Film Theater featuring Peaches Christ, Lady Bear and an ensemble of fantastic drag performers.
With a limited run in Glasgow, Manchester and Belfast, it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!




All NIght Horror Madness
We endured a massive horror-movie-a-thon at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow at All Night Horror Madness! It was an epic 9 hours of horror that included screenings of the following films:


ALL NIGHT HORROR MADNESS – The Blood Crazed Beast Returns!
If you thought all night horror events dies out in the 1980s, think again because this autumn you’re invited to watch crazy horror movies from 11.00pm right though until dawn… Following a run of incredible sell-out shows, we proudly announce the Glasgow return of ALL NIGHT HORROR MADNESS!

Come and savour an atmosphere that the Edinburgh Reporter calls ‘electric’ and the event The Journal describes as ‘an authentic, vintage technicoulour rainbow of blood, guts, gore and bones, considered one of the best nights on the Scottish calandar.’

The line-up for October has been announced! Films screening are:
Riotous 80s zombie mashup NIGHT OF THE CREEPS
Cronenberg horror masterpiece THE BROOD
Demented trash filth epic FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN
Creepy cult slasher flick TOURIST TRAP
And the outrageous 80s gore-fest meltdown classic that is STREET TRASH

Three films from glorious 35mm, including STREET TRASH – the FIRST EVER 35mm SCREENINGS OF STREET TRASH IN THE UK! And featuring a special video intro from the film’s producer Roy Frumkes!


We also took a trip down the Barrowlands Walkway in Glasgow!


#Music #Barrowlands #Walkway #BarrowlandsWalkway #Glasgow #RobZombie #SheriMoonZombie

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#Music #Barrowlands #Walkway #BarrowlandsWalkway #Glasgow #ScissorSisters

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The X Factor may have come and gone, but Cheryl’s love of Liquid Gold continues to spread across Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter! Almost 1 million views in total last time I checked! Cheers to Christopher who made it go viral! :)


I made some more artwork of which you can click on the banner below and have a look!


The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 was revealed!
Click below to have a read at my dedicated Drag Race blog!


Caroline Paterson- you made my day! Cheers for being so lovely!

We celebrated Christopher’s birthday with a grand weekend!
Check the wee video out! It was an awesome night!


A wee photo collage video from @cheyne.stoking's birthday!!! #Birthday #HappyBirthday #Husband #GoodTimes

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I became a Coffee Roasting expert thanks to the amazing Gordon Street Coffee!


Had a fantastic evening at @gordonstcoffee! 👍#GordonStCoffee #Glasgow #Coffee

A photo posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on


If you’re ever in Glasgow, pop in and try out some of the food and drinks- it is AWESOME!
You can follow them on twitter at @gordonstcoffee


It looks amazing… and tastes better! @gordonstcoffee #GordonStCoffee

A photo posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on


Chocolate Orange Christmas Goodness!!! #GordonStCoffee @gordonstcoffee #Coffee #Glasgow

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups sold me a dodgy Peanut Tree…

Peanut Scandal 1

And compensated me accordingly! :)

Peanut Scandal 2

And! We managed to get tickets for FLEETWOOD MAC!!!!!!

Fleetwood Mac UK 2015 Tour

And I had a Misty Day / Stevie Nicks moment. Literally.

Hi i'm Stevie Nicks

And there we have it. My final blog of the year. There’s most likely a load of stuff I shoul’ve and could’ve included but it’s Christmas and I’m FINALLY on annual leave!

Just a quick nod to my fabulous friends and folk…










Here’s to next year!
See ya in 2015!

Michelle Visage Byesies

My Artwork!


As you may know, I do a lil bit o’ painting and drawing for fun and also get commissioned to paint and draw for people.





There’s a whole page on my blog dedicated to my artwork if you’d like a look and there are individual blogs about some of my pieces were created alongside the inspiration behind them!


I recently found a little app called Flipagram that allows you to create short video stories set to music right from your phone. I find it to be a handy wee app for fun and photos and documenting occasions and projects or whatever you like! It’s so easy to use and fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which makes it easy to share your Flipagrams with your friends, family and networks!

A wee video of some of my drawings and paintings! #Art #Painting #Drawing #Flipagram

A video posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on

I decided to take my artwork blogs and Flipagram them so feel free to have a look at the videos below! Click on the title above each video to have a look at the blog based on each painting!


Anatomy of an Artwork: DRAG QUEEN ART! #DragQueens #RuPaulsDragRace #Art #Painting #Video

A video posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on


Anatomy of an Artwork: The Stag #TheStag #Stag #Art #Painting #Video

A video posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on


Anatomy of an Artwork: Voodoo Art #Voodoo #BaronSamedi #Art #Painting #Video

A video posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on


Anatomy of an Artwork: Shower Scene #Psycho #ShowerScene #Hitchcock #Art #Painting #Video

A video posted by johnmcblain (@johnmcblain) on


I think it’s a pretty sweet, quick and easy way of showcasing my work and being able to set the images adds another layer to the progress and feel of work! I’ll defo be using it more often to showcase my artwork, paintings and other things! If anyone has anything to ask about my work or commissions just give me a shout using the social media links in the sidebar! Laters! xJx

Realness Just Got Realer


The cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 has been HASHTAG RuVealed!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 whole years since I stumbled upon a lil old drag show that was tucked away on the graveyard slot of E4 – the foolish channel that aired the first 2 seasons before dropping the show. Clever move E4. Said no one. Ever.

Six years, six seasons, six winners, SEVENTY FOUR contestants, an All Stars edition, and a RuPaul podcast sponsored by squarespacedotcom (that’s SQUAREspacedotcom) in a pear tree and we are almost ready to celebrate SEVEN years of Drag Race!

After a few days of Snapchat shade…

Logo TV and RuPaul’s Drag Race teased us…

Before giving us a glimpse of contestant number one…

With Michelle Visage and Santino Rice returning to his side as main judges, alongside the Pit Crew and a whole new line up of guest judges and visitors, RuPaul is looking ON POINT this season!

RuPaul Season 7

I can’t WAIT to see how it all turns out!

In the mean time, let’s have a look at this season’s queens!

Violet Chachki
“A one-of-a-kind collectible, this youthful beauty has studied her fashion, and it shows in her edgy, next level aesthetics. But will having the “smallest waist in Drag Race history” translate into taking the title?”

Trixie Mattel
“With her overdrawn lips and clown makeup, this Native American’s eye-popping aesthetic will send ripples amongst her rivals. Trixie’s determination to stay true to her campy persona will either win the judges over… or cost her the crown.”

Tempest Dujour
Drag Race’s oldest contestant is also a professor of costume –providing her with enviable skills for any fashion challenge. Married with two children, Tempest mixes maternal instinct with campy kitschy humor… a perfect storm to take the crown.

Sasha Belle
Never has a competitor shown the hunger of Iowa’s premiere queen, Sasha Belle. She has studied the game and has a strategy to take her all the way to the top… even if at the other competitors’ expense.

This relative newcomer has already made big waves in the drag scene in the short time she’s been doing drag. With her robotic Stepford Wife aesthetic and patented “Pearl Smash” performance technique, only time will tell if this baby queen is as unstoppable as her buzz.

Miss Fame
Branding herself “beyond–this–planet beautiful,” this chic fashion queen with a face to die for started her drag career on the runways of New York. Will Miss Fame’s fashion chops be enough to make her the next supermodel of drag?

This gray-haired Old Hollywood glamour queen has “uniqueness” the house down. Staggeringly tall, with a kooky accent and even quirkier looks, Max will have her competitors gagging from the moment they see her. But will her unique take on drag be met with the same enthusiasm on the runway?

Kennedy Davenport
This “dancing diva of Texas” intends to spin, flip, kick and jump her way to the crown. A polished pageant queen whose reputation precedes her, Kennedy comes from the legendary Davenport family, where she grew up with Sahara Davenport.

This Russian-inspired queen can be found at the intersection of glamour and comedy; she is as beautiful as her mouth is dirty. A trained gymnast, Katya can drop into a mean split… but will her acerbic Russian schtick have the judges splitting too?

Kasha Davis
This “international celebrity housewife” is a classic old-school camp comedy queen. With little patience for youthful ignorance, Mrs. Kasha Davis asserts that “anyone can be a girl, but it takes balls to be a lady.”

Kandy Ho
Fans will have a sweet-tooth for this fiery Puerto Rican beauty, who mixes elegant glamour with mad performance chops. But don’t let her sweet name fool you – there’s as much spice in this outspoken Latina as there is sugar.

Jasmine Masters
Outspoken and opinionated, Jasmine is a polished performer with the experience to back up her confidence. But with opinions as strong as hers, is it going to ruffle some feathers amongst her competitors?

Jaidynn Diore Fierce
Infectiously sassy Jaidynn Diore Fierce lives up to her last name. And don’t be fooled by this big girl’s size – a polished performer, this bubbly dance queen can MOVE – and dance circles around the rest of the competition.

Ginger Minj
A self-described “glamour toad,” what Ginger Minj lacks in stature she makes up for in talent. Vocally gifted and born to entertain, this queen plans on winning over the judges with her Southern charm… and might just have them eating her right up.

So there we have them!

The time has come.. for you to meet the queens of S7! Click the link in our bio 💋

A video posted by RuPaul's Drag Race (@rupaulsdragrace) on

14 new fierce and fabulous queens!
Only one will be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar!
May the best woman… WIN!


What’s The Worst That Could Happen?


Happy Halloween!