EF baby – OUT NOW!

My latest single, EF baby a throwback to 90s pop-dance-ridiculousness is OUT NOW to stream, download and add to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music + all other good music stores!

EF baby?

What the F is EF baby?!

EF baby is a legit based on a Whatsapp group chat that I am part of which was born from our weekend at the 2018 Electric Fields music festival at Drumlanrig Castle! “Write a song about our group chat!” someone said! So I did! And that someone is one of those braw folk in the photos on the artwork for the single!

I have been writing, recording and producing my first album for the past year which features a range of styles from pop, to house, to disco, to ambient, to alternative, to classical and everything in between: an eclectic mish-mash of sounds and styles that have influenced me across the years. I’ve released a few tracks this year to get into the swing of releasing music, but my album is my baby and I can’t wait to get it out there!

I’m a 90s kid at heart. I grew up in the age of Britpop, Rave and Spice. I loved, still love and always will love 90s pop music! I’ll take a slice of vintage cheddar pop any day.

For EF baby, I really wanted to go for an up tempo, dance pop sound in the vein of that unmistakable era of late 90s / early 2000s Europop. Vengaboys. Danski & Delmundo. Aqua. Alice Deejay. Eiffel 65. My not-so guilty pleasures!

I immediately knew that I wanted a track that would have a nonsensical chant, repetitive beats and a didgeridoo. I also wanted it to sound like the kinda track you’d hear on a waltzer while you’re spinning around trying not to throw your guts up over the carriage next to you.

YOLO and aw that.

After a few incarnations, versions, tweaks and all that music stuff, EF baby turned into a bouncy, housey, didgeridoo sounding, EF BABY spelling, dancey wee track that reeks of liquid gold on a waltzer at 3.30am after swigging gin from a plastic bottle, borrowed from a wee lamb who’s just tried to have a conversation in Sneaky Pete’s Disco Tent about how good the Abba Tent was after raving to Leftfield in the rain after having skipped back to the campsite to wish Emma a happy birthday with some balloons.

It makes sense to us in the EF baby group chat anyway.

And it sounds exactly as I wanted it to!

EF baby is available on all major music stores to stream, download or add to your own playlist!
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Til next time!


EF Baby: Released 09.11.18

“Write a song about our group chat on Whatsapp from Electric Fields!”

Once upon a time, specifically Thursday 30th August to Saturday 1st September 2018, in the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle, a lil’ festival called Electric Fields was a-happn’in!

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I ❤ festival life #electricfields

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A good ol’ wholesome and family friendly weekend was had by all.
Especially in the Sneaky Pete’s tent.
And the campsite.
And at Leftfield.

As with all good goings on, a group chat was a lifeline before, during and after the fantastic festival and it lives on to this very day. Good Christian chat. Nothing shady. Nothing dodgy. Obviously.

“Write a song based on our EF Baby group chat!” someone said.
So I did just that!
Alison. Caitlin. Cammy. Emma. Kendall. Noogy. Olivia. Awd. Chicken. Daniel. Murray. Fran. Josh. Katie. Everyone else. Even Big Rid Face.

Press play below for a sneaky wee preview!

A bouncy, housey, didgeridoo sounding, EF BABY spelling, dancey wee track that reeks of liquid gold on a waltzer at 3.30am after swigging gin from a plastic bottle, borrowed from a wee lamb who’s just tried to have a conversation in Sneaky Pete’s Disco Tent about how good the Abba Tent was after raving to Leftfield in the rain after having skipped back to the campsite to wish Emma a happy birthday with some balloons.

EF Baby is my 6th single and is available to download and stream from all good music stores from Friday 9th November 2018!

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Hood – Out Now

For my 5th single release, I decided to release a cover version of one of my favourite songs of all time, ‘Hood‘ by Perfume Genius. With a focus on my own musicianship and style, my interpretation of Hood is quite different to my previous releases and is a taster of some of the sounds that will shape my first album!

Click below to have a listen and click on the Music Store buttons to access the full track on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and more!


My 4th single, J.O.Y, is out now on all major music stores!
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J.O.Y – My 4th Single!

Named after my Gran and a nice, summery, dancey wee number, my 4th single, J.O.Y, is released on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and all good music stores online on Friday 18th May 2018!

I’m looking for as much feedback as possible on the new single in preparation for my forthcoming album that will be released this summer!

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J.O.Y: 18.05.18

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New Music – J.O.Y.

John McBlain


Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play + more!

Throwback Thursday: Part 7

Seven weeks this lil’ Throwback Thursday DJ set series has been going on and there’s plenty more to come!
This week we have another wee dip into the I Think I Like It series! With a set list that should never ever go together, but kinda, totally does, I Think I Like It Vol.3 is a random mix of pop, rock, power ballads, hip hop, house, electronic and the Spice Girls!

A relatively short set from 2012, I Think I Like It Vol.3 features Linkin Park – By_Myslf, Lady Gaga – Starstruck, Spice Girls – Move Over, Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, a Jay Robinson remix of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode, Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover, Tiesto and Axwell – Diamond Found and MOPP – Dream About You.


Hit play! Turn it up! Enjoy!

Dick Pig / N / Flatline

Throwback Thursday: Part 6

And on to week six of this lil Throwback Thursday DJ set series!
We’re into the archives of the I Think I Like It series from 2012 and this week we have my personal favourite of all my DJ sets, I Think I Like It Vol.2!

I Think I Like It Volume 2 is a relatively short DJ set running at just under 22 minutes featuring 10 tracks. If you’re taste in music lies in the realms of big beat, drum and bass and rave inspired electronica then I’d love you to give it a listen and let me know what you think!

It begins with a mashup that I made of Touch & Go’s 1998 big beat, ridiculously addictive trumpet solo heavy track Would You and the excellent Benny Page remix of Jessie J’s Price Tag from 2011. These two tracks probably shouldn’t work together, but they really do!

The mix continues with the frantic tech sound with Danny Byrd and Netsky’s early rave inspired Tonight before making a smooth transition into the chilled and almost majestic Spectral Soul remix of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep. The combination of house piano chords and deep sub-bass really sounds quite sublime.

Just as you’re getting comfortable with some deep house, a tribal and voodoo like percussion riff begins, introducing Takura Tendayi’s sinister vocals on the manic No Problem from Chase & Status before subtly moving into the Dominator Synth heavy sound of Danny Byrd & Tomahawk’s Hot Fuzz, paving the way for Byrd’s phenomenal reinterpretation of Liquid’s piano / breakbeat classic Sweet Harmony.

Following the rave heavy sounds of Chase & Status, Danny Byrd, Tomahawk and Liquid comes the liquid funk sound of Paperchase and Beautiful from Brookes Brothers that intertwine seamlessly into each other, before concluding the set with the stunning First Note Is Silent– a high energy drum & bass meets techno meets trance collaboration from the ever amazing High Contrast, Tiesto and Underworld.

Turn it up! Hit play! Rave on!