100 Days of Happiness: Day 25


100 Days of Happiness: Day 25 

 Today is my stepdad, David’s birthday! 

My Gran, The Queen, brought out the sherry! 

Happy Birthday!!!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 24


100 Days of Happiness: Day 24

Game of Thrones!
Game of Thrones being back on TV makes me happy!

My Jon Snow and Ghost shirt also makes me happy!

I ❤️ Jon & Ghost!

Jon and Ghost

I ❤️ Jon Snow!

Jon Snow GIF 1

100 Days of Happiness: Days 19 – 23


100 Days of Happiness: Days 19 – 23

I kinda fell off the wagon over the past few days.

I was a bit like…

Britney GIF

But then I was like…

Britney WHAT GIF

And now I’m like…

Britney Smile GIF

The power of Britney compels me!

Britney CLAP GIF

100 Days of Happiness: Day 18


100 Days of Happiness: Day 18

This one’s for Emma!

I do love this photo. The spectrum of colours in it are so bright and it just captures the moment so well! It’s from a day / night out last year of which I remember fondly. It was the right mix of people at the right time offering some sound advice. It’s important to take counsel from the right people. That’s a life lesson to be learned and remembered!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 17


100 Days of Happiness: Day 17

My mum and I were casually strolling around Ayr and we happened to stumble upon a little record shop called Big Sparra Records.
We were like.. let’s go in and have a look around!
And OH MY DAYS I’m SO glad we did!
For today shall be known as the day Stevie Nicks fell into my arms!
Well. Of sorts.

Stevie Nicks Twirl

Casually sitting there were two records by Stevie Nicks!
(I’m quite the Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fanboy hence the almost tears-of-joy reaction that I managed to just conceal from my mum, Yvonne and Ian Wallace, the shop owner!)
The two albums were 1981’s Bella Donna and 1983’s The Wild Heart of which, and I thank her SO much, my mum bought for me!

I swear… It was fate!!!
Thank you mum! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Stevie NIcks Smile

100 Days of Happiness: Day 16


So today I got the all clear from the hospital regarding my little heart scare

And my gran gave me a toy pug!
What’s not to love about this day?!?!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 15


100 Days of Happiness: Day 15

When I started out with this little 100 Days of Happiness blog it was a half-hearted attempt to focus my energies on something. It was going to be a way in which to focus on one thing each day in order to take my mind off what was really going on in my life.

It’s been a tough three weeks. I’m not saying this in a flippant manner either. It has been a tough three weeks for me, the other person involved and the people surrounding us. It’s been unpleasant, unresolved and I managed to reach a dark, dark place that I never knew existed, so much so that I had to be hospitalised with what could have turned into quite a serious incident. But it didn’t.

Over the weekend, while dealing with the after effects of a near heart attack, some further drama ensued of which I allowed myself to be drawn into. However. There comes a time when you have to draw a line and say ENOUGH.


And enough… is enough.
Shit happens. Shit happened.
Fuck it.
Whatever will be, will be.

I know it should be Donna Summer’s Enough Is Enough playing here given the above, but I do enjoy MacArthur Park much more!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 14


100 Days of Happiness: Day 14

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I feel like shit. I’ve been in hospital with a near heart attack. I think that’s plenty trauma for this weekend. 

On the plus side, I’m not dead yet. 

Onwards and upwards!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 13


100 Days Of Happiness: Day 13

Having been rushed into hospital last night in an ambulance, it’s been a traumatic 24 hours.

The only thing I need right now is tea.

Never has a truer thing been said.

Cheers to tea!

100 Days of Happiness: Day 12


100 Days of Happiness: Day 12

I am a long-term Fleetwood Mac fanboy. I absolutely adore them. Rumours, steeped in its angsty and angry mythology has been the soundtrack for the past wee while and today it just hit the nail on the fuckin head!

I have surrendered to absolute clarity today.
And I am so, so happy right now!