My First 2 Singles

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Having studied and worked in music all my life, last year I decided to take the plunge and get into songwriting and producing my own music. My own creative practice had taken a back seat for a number of years and I don’t actually know why it took me so long to get back into things. Something about timing rings true. I never had the time. I was dedicated to teaching and enabling learners to engage in music education, music interventions and applied creativity to assist in the development of their learning and skills, expanding their knowledge of music, the arts, creativity and teaching methodologies that would enhance wellbeing, enable access to music education and to inspire engagement in the arts. Seeing year after year just how much my work in music education was able to inspire others, it was time to make space for me to do my own thing, take the advice I was dishing out to my students and to finally do something for myself!

Last year, I got back into composition and songwriting and playing and producing and began work on what was called ‘My First E.P.‘, consisting of 4 original tracks with working titles of The Slow One, The Ballad One, The Disco One, The Synthpop One, and a cover version of Hood by Perfume Genius.

Yet again… that word timing cropped up! After getting the ball rolling, I ended up in Romania, Sweden, Norway and Denmark for a period during the summer months of 2017 and My First E.P. was put on the back burner yet again! In all fairness though, it wasn’t the right time! I had the most inspiring and amazing time across Europe and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Musically, it gave me a chance to reset and reevaluate what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Fast forward through some career changes, some ups and downs, life challenges and all that ‘stuff’ that can hinder and hold back creativity and productiveness, I just thought fuck it: here we go! And here we are!

After a year in the making, the first two singles from My First E.P. have been released!
Two singles. Totally different in style.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other music stores, D*CK PIG and N are the instrumental versions of the tracks, of which I’ve had some pretty sweet feedback on! The vocal versions, featuring yours truly singing, some surprise guests and collaborations, the final and properly named versions of the other tracks and some new songs will all feature on My First E.P. which will be available to listen to, download and buy in the very near future!

In the meantime it’s more talk, more action, more creativity, more mindfulness and more music!
Alongside sharing the process and the progress of My First E.P. and the single releases, I’m also delving into my DJ set archives every Thursday where I’ll be sharing some of my old mixes and sets from way back when!

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If you wanna give D*CK PIG and N a listen, download them or add them to a playlist, just hit on the image below where you can choose your preferred music store! Til’ next time! – J ❤


Throwback Thursday: Part 1

Every Thursday I’m gonna delve into the record bag and archives and share some of my old DJ sets!

There are a number of sets available to listen to for free on Mixcloud featuring a range of styles from drum and bass, house, techno, trance and ambient, to electropop, cheese, party, pop, trash with some drag themed sets, kiki themed sets and a mish mash of musical fuckery!

This week I’m sharing the first ever DJ set uploaded to Mixcloud way back in 2012!
having been a DJ and musician from a young age, this set was a break away from the usual style of my DJ sets, taking Tina Turner, Katy B, I Blame Coco, Ed Sheeran feat. Devlin, Wiz Kalifa, The Eels, Natalie Imbruglia and Twin Atlantic and turning some of their tracks into a 24 minute mix!

Have a listen on the player below or download the free Mixcloud Player App from your preferred app store store!

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N – Released 16.03.18

Released 16.03.18


D*CK PIG – Released 09.03.18

Released: 09.03.18


2017 A Year In Photographs

One final blog for 2017!

Following on from A Year In Photographs 2016 and A Year In Photographs 2015 this year’s ‘A Year In Photographs’ brings together every photo, person, scenario and encounter in my camera roll from 2017! This year I went on adventures in Manchester, London, Loch Lomond & Machrihanish and Romania, Norway, Denmark & Sweden.

Along the way this year I got the chance to see Steps, Little Mix, Perfume Genius, Trentemoller, Lana Del Rey, Lolly, The Cheeky Girls, Peter Andre, Whigfield, Haddaway, Dr Albarn, 2 Unlimited, E Type, Culture Beat, Sash and Snap! I finally, after a 20 year wait, got to see the awesome AQUA live in Gothenburg and saw the Vengaboys live three times in one year. Bucket list complete!

Can I just say I was this close to Lene from Aqua?! She is my Cartoon Hero.

Jack and I met some more Drag Race All Stars in the guise of Alaska, Latrice Royale, Tatianna, Alyssa Edwards, Darienne Lake, Valentina and Courtney Act!

Another year, another graduation, this time from the University of Stirling!

I finally made some progress with writing, recording and producing My First E.P. which after a slight delay due to starting my new job as Lecturer in Music and Sound Production at a new college, will be released in the Spring of 2018. If you wanna have a listen to the instrumental demos, head on over to my Bandcamp or Soundcloud sites!

And then there’s the folk I spent the year with. Whether every day, every so often, from a distance or on a group chat that would most likely get us into some serious shit… they’re all special and I wouldn’t have them any other way!

Some old friends went on to pastures new, and some new amazing friends came in and I look forward to seeing what adventures we got up to in the A Year In Photographs 2018!

In the meantime, here is A Year In Photographs 2017! Hit play! Enjoy!



The Slow One – Stream / Download

Hello Hello Hello!

With one thing and another and starting my new job as Lecturer in Music and Sound Production at Ayrshire College, the release of My First E.P. has been delayed for a few more months! However! This wee delay has meant that there will be a few new freshly written tracks appearing on it!




In the meantime, I’d like to share instrumental of The Slow One which sits nicely alongside three other tracks on my Bandcamp site, where it is available to stream or download right now, or hit play on the player below to have a listen!





The fully loaded vocal versions of all my tracks will be released on My First E.P. in the very near future, so remember to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates!


The Ballad One – Stream / Download

Hello Hello Hello!

While I’m getting My First E.P. ready for release, here is the instrumental preview of The Ballad One– one of the first songs I wrote and produced! It’s a pop ballad with a big swelling piano part arranged around some subtle synths, deep strings and nice bass and drum tracks. I must give a shout out and a thanks to the one and only Emma Strummer for modelling for the artwork for the track!

The fully loaded vocal edits will be available on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and other platforms later in the year, but in the mean time, the non-vocal instrumental edits of the track is available right now on my Bandcamp site in high quality MP3, Flac formats and more, meaning you can have a listen, have a download or have it on me!

You can Name Your Price if you wanna purchase them and give me some support- I’ll leave that up to you, you kind and generous human that you are!

Have a preview of the track on the player below and if you wanna download them, just click on the download button!

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My First EP – 2 Track Download

It’s amazing how time flies when you’re writing and producing some songs! Having spent a long time working on My First EP; writing, recording, rewriting, rerecording, scrapping things, starting again and all that, I am almost ready to get the thing shared with the world! I have a few finishing touches to make and some vocals to record and My First EP will be available online to stream, download and purchase!

While I’m getting the final EP sorted out, I thought I’d share the instrumentals for the first two singles here via my Bandcamp site!

The tracks have been going under the working titles of ‘The Synthpop One’ and ‘The Disco One’ and the real names of the tracks will be revealed when I launch the fully loaded vocal edits on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and other platforms later in the year!

The non-vocal instrumental edits of both tracks are available right now on my Bandcamp site in high quality MP3, Flac formats and more, meaning you can have a listen, have a download or have it on me! Or you can Name Your Price if you wanna purchase them and give me some support- I’ll leave that up to you, you kind and generous human that you are!

Have a preview of the tracks on the media players below and if you wanna download them, just click on the download button!



If you like them or wanna get in touch or wanna tell me what you think of the tracks, give me a shout out on Twitter or on my Facebook Page and give me a shout, a like and a share over there!


My First E.P. – released soon!

I have been busy writing, recording and producing my own music over the past few months and the time for releasing My First E.P. is getting closer every day!

My First E.P. is a self-written and self-produced 7 track extended play showcasing my song-writing, vocals, piano and production skills covering a whole range of genres and influences from slick and sleek disco to hi energy synth-pop, a Fleetwood Mac inspired rock song, a big beat trip hop track and a piano based cover version where I take on ‘Hood’ by Perfume Genius!

I’ve still got a few things I’m working and a few more vocals to record before the big release in the Autumn / Fall of 2017 but in the mean time, have a listen to a preview of ‘The Synthpop One’ and ‘The Disco One’ and hear me play piano and sing on my cover of Perfume Genius’ ‘Hood’ by clicking on the players below!
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John McBlain – The Disco One