My First E.P. – released soon!

I have been busy writing, recording and producing my own music over the past few months and the time for releasing My First E.P. is getting closer every day!

My First E.P. is a self-written and self-produced 7 track extended play showcasing my song-writing, vocals, piano and production skills covering a whole range of genres and influences from slick and sleek disco to hi energy synth-pop, a Fleetwood Mac inspired rock song, a big beat trip hop track and a piano based cover version where I take on ‘Hood’ by Perfume Genius!

I’ve still got a few things I’m working and a few more vocals to record before the big release in the Autumn / Fall of 2017 but in the mean time, have a listen to a preview of ‘The Synthpop One’ and ‘The Disco One’ and hear me play piano and sing on my cover of Perfume Genius’ ‘Hood’ by clicking on the players below!
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John McBlain – The Disco One

John McBlain – Hood

John McBlain – The Synthpop One

John McBlain: My First E.P.

Five Years of Blogging!!!!!

My blog is five years old!
5 years. 232 blog articles.
And plenty more to come!

New Music: An Update!

JMCB colour splash

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Since I’ve been dropping videos and updates all over the place for the past wee while about new music and all that, I thought I’d bring everything together in this lil’ blog post!


I’ve worked in music for a long, long, long time and after a break from DJing and songwriting and producing, I finally got back into having fun writing and producing for myself and now have a small collection almost ready to share with the world!

My sound will be a blend of genres, influenced by artists and bands and sounds that I hold dear and love, and will be my own self-produced and self-written tracks, featuring yours truly on vocals, piano, saxophone and more!

I’m quite proud to officially say that my music will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and other places where good music can be found very, very soon!

Things will be kicking off with one of the tracks as featured in these short promo videos that I’ve pulled from my Instagram feed and that feature in various posts on my blog!

I’ll be posting more info on this track- the release date, the name and artwork, and where and when to listen to it in full over the next few weeks and months!

I’m having some fun with it and hope to get some support and feedback along the way, so please share, like, retweet and comment!

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Another Lil’ Preview…

New Music From John McBlain


Here’s another little preview of some new music!


New Music Coming Soon!

New Music Coming Soon 2