Shower Scene

Shower Scene

I’ve been painting again!
This time it’s based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho!

Psycho Titles

If you’re not familiar with this masterpiece, then shame on you!
I wrote a spoiler heavy fanblog about the film a while ago and if you click on the picture of Hitch’s face below, the magic of the internet will take you to that very blog!

hitchcock psycho

I vaguely remember seeing a series of abstract artworks based on classic film posters a long time ago and decided I’d give it a go myself using a blank canvas, masking tape, a piece of card and some black, rich red and china clay coloured acrylics that I had lying around the house.

Shower Scene 1
Measuring out the distance between each stripe and applying masking tape was a bit of a pain,but it worked out!

Shower Scene 2
Red paint! Easy.

Shower Scene 3
Colouring three of the stripes red was ok.

Shower Scene 4
Painting the black stripes and removing the masking tape stripes was not so good. The black paint seeped under some of the tape…

Shower Scene 5
Which resulted in some tricky touch ups to try and keep the lines as straight as possible. I have no patience for painting in straight lines.

Shower Scene 6
A few more touch ups…

Shower Scene FINAL
And it’s done!

Finished Shower Scene

Psycho Shower


Beard Of The Day!

Happy Bears

This is my 150th blog post!
And it’s dedicated to me and my beard!

The Happy Bear beard care brand from Niven & Joshua have made me their
Beard of the Day on their Twitter account!

I feel fancy!

Iggy Fancy

Cheers Happy Bear Co.!

Dancing Bear

Oh! Oh! Oreos!

Oh Oh Oreos

Hello. My name is John and I’m an Oreo-holic.


Oreos. Oreos. Oreos.
mmmm oreo

Joker Yum

Look at this glorious Wall of Oreos.
It’s a fucking Wall of Oreos.
It’s almost pornographic.
Wall of Oreos

Look at all the Oreos…

Banana Split! Berry Burst! Strawberry Milkshake! White Fudge! Birthday Cake! Cool Mint! Neapolotin! Golden Chocolate!

This is the mythical Watermelon Oreo…

Do you see this? DO. YOU. SEE. THIS.
Halloween Oreo

And then there’s this…

Miss J GIF

That is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreo.
The Holy Grail of Oreo.

Miss J


They are not available to buy in Scotland.


They are not available in Scotland.

Rizzoli HELL NO

Not… Available… In… Scotland…

Elsa Distrubs Me

I need Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos in my life.
I tried improvising…
John's Oreo Sandwich
But I’m pretty sure it’s not what a real one looks like.

Ariel fuck it

Reese’s Peanut Butter people gave me some hope…

But there’s been nothing from the Oreo people.

jinkx upset

Dear Oreo People,
I hope you find it in your heart to share the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Limited Edition Special Edition Magical Mythical flavour Oreos with the world. But more specifically me. I need them in my life.
From John the Oreo Addict.

Lion King Please


Creepy Paddington

Creepy Paddington Header
Paddington GIF 2

There’s a new Paddington Bear movie coming soon! Hurrah!
I like a bear, I do! :)

Paddington GIF 1

I do love the wee Duffle coated, marmalade loving, well mannered lost bear and his misadventures in trying ‘so hard to get things right!’. Paddington Brown is beyond cute! Look at his wee Duffle coat! Look at his wee hat! Look at his wee suitcase and wee PLEASE LOOK AFTER THIS BEAR tag! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Please Look After This Bear

If you don’t believe me, watch the trailer!
It actually is my favourite thing right now!

The internet has decided that wee Paddington looks a bit creepy in his photo shoot outside Buckingham Palace…

Paddington Bear

…and I completely agree and approve!!!

Creepy Paddington

Thank goodness for Photoshop!
Horror films + Paddington Bear makes John a happy boy!

Best of Creepy Paddington

Paddington Psycho 2

Paddington Psycho

Paddinngton The Omen

Paddington The Shining 2

Paddington The Shining

Paddington Scream

Paddington The others

Paddington The Ring

Paddington Para Activity

Paddington Hostel

Paddington Hellraiser

Paddington Hannibal

Paddington Evil Dead

Paddington Alien

Paddingtion Night of the Living Dead

Paddington GoT


Paddington GIF 2

Marvellous May


The Marvellous Month of May!
And what a marvellous month it was!
Things began with thing called ‘My 31st Birthday‘.
I mean. 31. Thirty One. Thirty Fucking One.

Latrice Lord Jesus

I could have had one of those OH WOE IS ME I’M OLD BOOHOOOO moments but bitch please… I’m one year older to peeing myself and not having to give a shit about it. I’m glad I’m not in that perky, annoying 18 – 25 or 25 – 30 tick box any more where they’re all BUZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about shit.
You’re not buzzing. You’re a twat. Behave.
I may have a few grey hairs in my beard, an ever increasing unempathetic disposition and an intolerance for pretty much anythning that doesn’t interest me, but I have a career, a house, and a wonderful Coven of Cunts that I call friends who keep me entertained with wine and shenanigans.

We Are The Weirdos Mister

I’m 31 years old and I’m fucking fabulous.
‘Oh he thinks he’s fabulous does he?’
Yes. I do. Eat it.

Willam Hair Flick

May. Marvellous May. What made May so marvellous?
Well, for purposes of alliteration, Marvellous works with May.
I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been far too busy with my work and my travels and my projects and… wait for it… SOCIALISING! ME! Socialising! With ACTUAL people! This old age is doing weird things to me.
Here’s a wee run down of what made May so marvellous for me!



After 13 weeks of shade and shit, Bianca Del Rio was crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race 2014! I was on #TeamBianca from the very start of Season 6. Hurricane Biance obliterated the competition this season with her acerbic tongue and style, winning three challenges along the way and never having to lip sync for her life.

“Bianca is my kind of entertainer.
She is totally fearless, bust-a-gut hilarious, and yet she’s still managed to touch the hearts of Drag Race fans around the world.”
- RuPaul

Bianca was crowned by last year’s winner, Jinkx Monsoon who passed on some advice to the newly crowned Queen B…

“Revel in every single second of it… mind your Ps and Qs, and, when the bitches come for you, let that bullshit be water off a motherfuckin’ duck’s back!”

Bianca & Jinkx





If you’re a fan of RuPaul and Michelle Visage then the What’s The Tee podcast series from them is absolutely worth a listen! It is hilare! With episodes such as ‘Disco Jesus, Facelifts and Juicing’ and ‘Beyonce, Monogamy and Let The Music Play’ there’s something for everyone! If that’s your thang that is! :)


Lady Munter. Glasgow’s First Lady of Drag.
She knows how to throw a party!

We met Michelle Visage at Menergy’s Fierce ruling Divas Ball.

Brandon Emma Michelle John

If we look drunk, it’s because we were.

Michell Autograph

We spent my birthday at AXM Glasgow seeing Manila Luzon!

Manila Luzon

Emma and I got our picture taken by the amazing Michael James.

John & Emma Michael James Photography

And we had a great time with some great people along the way!

Group 1
Group 2

Menergy  is hosted by the ever amazing Lady Munter at AXM in Glasgow!
Check the website for upcoming events and tickets!


We also attended Radio One’s Big Weekend in Glasgow which featured an amazing line up of artists, bands and performers!
The Friday night event at George Square saw Danny Howard, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Pete Tong, Martin Garrix and Tiesto entertain a 15,000 strong crowd in rave of epic proportion!

R1 Rave

The music was as expected from the DJ’s playing, the light show against City Halls was spectacular and the bagpipe rendition of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ was quite the treat. BUT! The true highlight of the evening was that I was in the company of the one and only Beth Ditto herself. God bless you, random lady!

Beth Ditto


Two more additions to my ever expanding collection of Chad Sell artworks!
They’re pretty fierce!

Bianca Jinkx Chad Sell
Queen Collection


Well. I didn’t really. But bravo to beards and Conchita Wurst!

Conchita Wurst


The month of May was indeed marvellous.
Over the next wee while I’ll be posting about some new music things I’ve been working on which I’m really impressed with so far if I don’t say so myself, artworks and commissions that I’ve been working on, gigs we are heading to, gigs I’m doing, some TV and film stuff and a few interviews that I have lined up!

Until next time…
Sissy That Walk

#DragRace: The Final 3

DragRace 6

This year, 14 Queens entered the race to become America’s Next Drag Superstar and the Final 3 is an ABC HUNTY!!!

Drag Race 6 Contestants

With some amazing guest judges and a stellar cast joining RuPaul, Michelle & Santino… SHADE: The Rusical… DRAG RACE ME TO HELL…  a little Rolodex of hate… SH* M**L Gate… I’m glad it was a nice day for a drag wedding! Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has absolutleeeeeeeeeee been a RUpersized adventure and I cannot wait to see who takes the crown in this year’s grand finale!


The time has come… to HASHTAG… for your life!!!

May the best woman win!

Panther On The Runway


Happy Birthday MEIt’s my Birthday on Saturday 3rd May and I am gonna be 31 years old!
Upon turning 30 last year I was a bit like…

Frank hmmmph

But a surprise birthday party happened and I was like…


This year, turning 31, I’m like…

Bitch lets eat cake

It’s one of my favourite things!
This was my birthday cake last year. It was fabulous.


And on that note, this year’s birthday blog is a random list of
31 of my favourite things in the world right now!


Let’s start the list with where my fabulous friends and I are going for some birthday celebrations on May 3rd…

1. Menergy’s Bank Holiday Special starring MANILA LUZON!

2. This Queen whose birthday is the day after mine! Happy Birthday Maeghan!


3. These Queens. Otherwise known as Emma Strummer and Brandon Paton.

Emma and Brandon

4. This instructional video

5. This tweet from Ms. Ana Matronic

6. These shorts from

Shorts by SlickItUp

7. The Real Housewives of Miami – I LOVE THIS SHOW!


8. Elsa Patton from Real Housewives of Miami

Elsa wants coffee

9. Elsa Patton is everything

Elsa patton who the hell


Elsa Patton will hit you

11. This little dress up E.T. / Willam Belli toy

Dress Up ET

12. Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Gif

13. Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy on this year’s SNATCH GAME

Judge Bianca

14. Everything about Bianca Del Rio

15. Further Twitter conversations with RuPaul

16. This fancy sign

Sissy That Sign

17. Adore Delano’s favourite words

Adore's Favourite Words

18. Brandon & Emma buying me tickets for this FABULOUS event

19. Tickets for Radio One’s Big Weekend in Glasgow

20. This Lana Del Rey song

21. This Patrick Cowley & Sylvester song

22. This fabulous dinosaur

fabulous dinosaur

23. My Little Jon Snow and his Little Direwolf

jon & ghost

24. Jon Snow in general

jon snow

25. The world uniting through mutual hatred AKA The Purple Wedding

Dead Joffrey

26. Everything about Season 3 of Scandal


27. Everything about Season 3 of Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

28. This screenshot taken by a friend

Singin On The Bus

29. My Paul Frank bag that looks like me

Paul Frank Bag

30. My well groomed beard


“If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” – RuPaul

Happy Birthday ME

And this ends my 2014 Birthday Blog!
I can’t wait to see how this year’s celebrations turn out!


:bear: :) :bear:


The Rewind: January – March 2014

The Rewind

Hello Hello Hello!
Tweets. Blogs. Things. Stuff.
Eat. Sleep. Kiki. Repeat.
It’s been a busy and exciting start to the year for me!

Bianca Gif

Things are only gonna get busier and I’m afraid my wee blog might be a bit quiet throughout April. I’m not allowed to say why though. Gawd-dammit!

Adam Ssssh

Here’s a wee rewind of my blog and twitter and things and stuff from
January, February & March! Hurrah!
Click the picture links. Have a read. Share. Like. Y’all knows the score.


Lion King 1

We started the year by going to the theatre dahling to see The Lion King.
It was fabulous. As expected.

I got my very own Jon Snow to keep forever and ever!

This little black bird posed for a photo in my garden.

Chris Carter, one of my FAVOURITE crime / thriller authors in the world, sent an autograph to my Gran and I.

The third chapter of American Horror Story came to a close and we finally found out the identity of the next Supreme.


I realised that it had been 10 years since my favourite band in the world had released their debut album…

I decided I’d write a blog article about Scissor Sister and with Ms. Ana Matronic gonna be reading it, I had no option but to turn it out…

THIS blog was the finished article…

Needless to say Ms. Ana Matronic approved! Hurrah!

Things started appearing online about the return of Game of Thrones and now that season 4 has started, the year long wait was absolutely worth it!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 kicked off the race to find America’s next drag superstar in February and OH MY LADY GAGA it’s been quite fantastic so far! Amazing guest judges, a new Pit Crew, SHADE: The Rusical, Snatch Game and some of the tightest tucks in Drag Race herstory… let the race continue!

I also discovered a fabulous little pop song from Australia called Raining Diamonds by a singer called Ricki-Lee. Apparently I was a bit late to the party on this discovery…


My little Jon Snow got a little Direwolf friend! :)

Emma Strummer and I went to see Latrice Royale at Menergy thanks to Glasgow’s First Lady of Drag, Guillotina Munter! Needless to say, the night was fuckin awesome and we met some FIERCE new friends! Flyers and posters are designed by the talented Mutate Design so go check out his Facebook page! Emma, Brandon, Maeghan and I et al are heading to a fair few forthcoming Menergy events! Click the flyer above to see who’s gonna be making an appearance at Lady Munter’s Menergy at AXM in Glasgow!

Snatch Game Season 6 happened. And it was fierce.

Bianca Del Rio did Judge Judy and it was the greatest TV moment ever in the history of TV moments.

In fact. Bianca Del Rio could be the greatest thing in the world ever and is definetely my spirit animal.

Bianca Del Rio face

Bianca Del Rio face 2

I Hate Everyone

I made a new DJ set and y’all can download it and it has music from this lot on it:

And my little blog turned 2 years old!

So there we have it. January. February. March.
What’s happening next?
Radio One’s Big Weekend. Manila Luzon, Michelle Visage & Bianca Del Rio at Menergy. The Wickerman Festival. The Commonwealth Games Arts & Music Project. Art things. Music things. That thing I can’t talk about.

My 31st birthday…


That’s right. Thirty-fucking-one.


Given that the 30th birthday celebrations last year were pretty awesome, I’ve a feeling that the 31st birthday celebrations this year will be just as awesome!

As I said at the start, the blog may go a bit quiet over the next few weeks but gimme a shout on the old Twitter if you’re that way inclined!

Bye for now!

Sissy That Walk


DragRace 6

Gird your loins… It’s time for a SNATCH GAME!!!


Makes Me Queef

Over the past few years #SnatchGame has has served some sickeningly fabulous celebrity realness…

I'm Cher Bitch

And has had some marvellous line-ups on the panel!

Snatch Game 5

Snatch Game Season 4

Snatch Game Season 3

By the looks of it, Snatch Game 2014 is gonna see some mighty fine shenanigans with Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Milk, Courtney Act, Ben De La Creme, Darienne Lake, Gia Gunn, Trinity Bonet, Laganja Estranja and Joslyn Fox serving FIERCE celebrity realness for RuPaul and celebrity judges Heather McDonald and Gillian Jacobs!

Heather Gillian Ru

Snatch Game Season 6

Will we see another contestant have to #RuPaulogize for their shady ways?
Here’s lookin’ at you Alyssa! :)

Who’s gonna slay?! Who will sashay away?! Who’s gonna win?!


#RuPaulsDragRace #SNATCHGAME commences on Monday 24th March 2014!!!
I can’t WAIT to see how this tuns out!!!

Sissy That Walk

Pop Mix 2

Hello Hello Hello!
I have a new DJ set called POP MIX 2 and it’s available to
download and stream on Mixcrate!

Jinkx Monsoon Dance

Following in the footsteps of Pop Mix One this set is another hot mess of  funk, disco, r&b, rock, soul, electro, house, bass and pop all flung together
in a mish-mash-mixtape style, lasting a massive two and a half hours,
with a tracklisting that looks something like this…

POPMIX2COLLAGEWhatcha waiting for boys and gurls?!
Pop Mix 2 is available NOW to download and stream on Mixcrate!
Just click the button below!

RuPaul Wink